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The Essential Features of The Channel Management Software for Hotels

by Uneeb Khan

Business owners have wondered what factors matter the most when it comes to running a hotel. It might be the location of your hotel or competitive pricing. Apart from these factors, the one major factor that can bring massive success to your business is distribution. It will help boost your online visibility by using robust Channel Management Software for Hotels so potential guests can easily find your hotel.

Travellers have become technology-dependent and rely on online channels to search for the best hotels to make a booking. As everyone’s choices are different, your hotel must be on various channels to attract other customers. But managing the reservations and bookings get hectic when it is done manually. This post will talk about the advanced and attractive features of channel management software and how it can simplify the whole booking process of a hotel.

How Does A Channel Management Software Help Your Business?

The hotel channel management software helps hoteliers handle hotel bookings more efficiently on several distribution channels. When a traveller books a room in your hotel through an Online Travel Agency, you need to mark that room ‘sold’ on every track the room has listed.

In such circumstances, you need to do the entire thing manually without channel management software, which is a very tiresome and error-prone task. Even if your hotel has dedicated staff, the manual process will ultimately increase the chances of double-bookings or under-bookings.

Such things will result in poor customer experience and break your hotel’s reputation. But, with the automated Channel Management Software for Hotels, you can easily update the pricing, inventory, rates, and booking information in real-time across all distribution channels. Other updates, like price revisions, will automatically happen on several tracks. In return, the customers will receive updated information regarding rates and vacancies.

Top Features Of The Hotel Channel Management Software

In this digital era, it has become essential to establish your business online to reach a wide range of potential customers. When your hotel can gain increased online visibility, it will set your hotel for colossal success.

Therefore, channel management software has become essential for accommodation providers to manage the online distribution of room inventory at a reasonable price. Below we will give a glimpse of the features of the channel management software that empowers your hotel to accomplish a wide range of business tasks.

Automatic Information Sync

You can easily update all the reservation information on every distribution channel without making a fuss. For instance, when a customer book a room in your hotel, the automation feature will easily update it without manually entering details. In addition to that, room availability status and booking rates will also be updated automatically across every distribution channel.

This feature offers maximum operational efficiency, making it easy for hoteliers to deliver the correct information to the customer. It further will lower the risks of double-booking or under-booking. So, when selecting channel management software, choose the one that shares compatibility with several OTAs to avoid future problems.

Guest Profile

With the help of this feature of the Hotel Channel Manager Software, you can offer your visitor a better, customized guest experience. It is so because it helps you establish guest profiles. It allows the hoteliers to save the guests’ credit card details and their preferences.

It will further speed up future bookings and help the hoteliers to offer the best services to the guests for their stay. You will be able to update every detail of the guests, which will help show them a memorable stay at your hotel. Additionally, with the help of the stored credit card details, the checkout process will be done at a breakneck pace, saving time.

Reports and Analytics

This feature of the channel management software will not only provide you with a bigger picture of the performance of your hotel and revenue but also accurate metrics driving the growth. For instance, you will know which distribution channel is delivering the best performance when bringing new customers on board. This way, you can make sound decisions about where you wish to list your property and which platforms you need to ignore.

You can also receive accurate analytics based on the custom data range, like the preferable room types. You can plan for better pricing and marketing strategies depending on these in-depth insights. Also, you can compare the performance of your business over a preferred time. These key metrics will help you make an informed decision to deliver your guests the best services and boost revenue.

Connected Room Settings

Hotel owners must be able to sell a room at different prices to customers. But, with the help of the corresponding room setting of Hotel Channel Manager Software, you can sell one of the preferable rooms at a different price range across multiple distribution channels.

For instance, you can sell two adjoining rooms as two rooms or as a large suite that a family can enjoy. So, once your hotel receives the booking, the connected room list will eventually close to avoid over-bookings.

Automation For Maximum Revenue Management

Being proactive is the primary key to eradicating revenue management errors. Outdated information on room rates can eventually result in reduced revenue. Apart from your base pricing, you will get the scope to add and automate rules which may be significant to the pricing model.

These things can be done based on the minimum length of stay requirements, significant events in nearby places, or overnight stays. Using it to assume a low-volume or peak occupancy, you need to keep track of the days and dates. So, this feature is essential as it helps hotel owners to automate their pricing strategies.


The hospitality industry is constantly changing and adapting to new technologies to serve its customers in the best possible ways. Likewise, hotel owners are continuously searching for solutions to cope with the changes, which will help them stay ahead of their competitors.

Hence, hotel owners must get their hands on Channel Management Software for Hotels with updated features and robust security. It will surely help hotel owners to offer their guests a positive experience.

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