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Coconstruct Software: CoConstruct – The Next Big Thing

by Uneeb Khan
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CoConstruct is a cloud-based, construction management software that you can customize to suit your specific needs. CoConstruct also comes with a mobile application and customer self-service portal. CoConstruct has many benefits. Continue reading for more information. CoConstruct is a software that streamlines the construction industry’s entire process, from estimate to completion. It helps to improve efficiency and profitability.

CoConstruct, a Cloud-Based Construction Management System Software, is Available

CoConstruct Software makes it easy to share documents, photos, and project plans. These documents can be shared independently or linked to new orders. It is completely secure, so there’s no chance of losing data or theft. It can even send files directly to Facebook so clients can share their information easily with you.

CoConstruct allows for easier project selections and helps construction firms track finances and make better estimates. The construction management software is customizable and easy to use. It helps construction teams save time, improve their processes, and make them more efficient. It helps to streamline the selection process and ensure that every phase is given the proper attention.

CoConstruct Allows for Unlimited Customization

Coconstruct, a unique provider of construction software, is the best. It allows users to personalize everything from its branding, colors, and settings. Users can also share photos and plans through Facebook. The customization process is quick and secure, with minimal risk of data loss. It offers the ability to send comments and assign tasks via the Schedule or the To-Do list.

Prices for CoConstruct depend on how many active projects there are and whether or not you have purchased user licenses. Prices vary depending on how many users you have. They can range between $299 and $499 per month. For users who have unlimited project requirements, custom pricing is available. The software is available for Android and Apple platforms. It also includes a Mobile App to allow users to manage their notifications, tasks, projects, and other information.

CoConstruct Customer Self-Service Portal

CoConstruct’s customer portal offers clients the ability to ask questions or get assistance from the comfort of their own homes. They can access the information that they need anywhere, anytime, and even from their mobile devices. Videos and articles are also available on the portal, organized by topic. It’s simple to quickly find the answer you need, and a support group will assist you as soon as they can.

Coconstruct’s client self-service portal allows clients to easily access project updates, schedules and progress reports. They can also communicate with other users, organize files online and assign tasks. They can attach files and get notified when a task is due. Coconstruct’s self-service system for customers allows contractors to cut down on travel and time.

CoConstruct Mobile App

CoConstruct, a construction software supplier, has created a mobile application for its users that they can use anywhere. You can add logos, company materials, and other symbols to the application’s customizable customer portal. Clients have the ability to instantly share and give feedback on social media.

CoConstruct is available on both Android and Apple smartphones. It allows you to view all project details, assign tasks, loop clients in, and more. The app can be used to view the full details of tasks and attach photos. You can also mark them as complete. The app supports time tracking.

It is very easy to use the software, but it can sometimes be difficult to contact customer support. It can take quite a while to set up projects. Users should be able to create personal logins to manage their project details. It also uses a tag system, which makes it difficult for you to access project information without being logged in.

One-on-One Implementation Training by CoConstruct

Coconstruct Software is available in a number of ways. A live online course or a personalized one-on-1 training session are options. Access to 24/7 support and a customer portal allows you to benefit from the assistance of a professional tutor. This will enable you to access information and other resources from any device. CoConstruct has a useful help center that includes videos and articles organized according to the topic. There are also tips and tricks to help you use the program.

CoConstruct, a client-based construction management system software, is available. The software provides customizable client portals and professional proposal creation. It also has patented communication tools and billing capabilities. Pricing is determined by active projects and the software is affordable. Monthly or annual plans are available that include unlimited users, unlimited project creations, and onboarding training.

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