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Complete Guide To Number Plate Fonts

by Uneeb Khan
Complete Guide To Number Plate Fonts

There are proper rules and regulations for number plate fonts introduced by DVLA – the department dealing with all the concerns related to plates. According to this department, it has been observed fonts are introduced to make plates more easily read.

Historically, the compulsory font for all plates was introduced on Sep 1st 2001 in United Kingdom. After the date, plates must meet the legal font requirements to be considered approved among government.

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However, let’s get into this.

Detailed Number Plate Fonts Knowledge

As we’ve shared the purpose for introducing fonts for plates above, they are actually very important. Talking about the name of font for car registrations in UK, its “Charles Wright.”

The font was even used before the update, so it sometimes often called “Charles Wright New.” It is compulsory on all the vehicle plates in United Kingdom. The reason behind why DVLA has selected the font whereas lots of other fonts were also present is that it is clear, concise and easily readable.

In fact, it is reviewed as bold & simple among various people. But keep in mind that sizing and spacing should be properly focused along with this. If you will not care for these things, your plates will be considered illegal.

According to the government laws, spacing of 11mm between each character and margin around the outside should be promoted with “Charles Wright New” font. Moreover, the space in the middle of registration number should also be 33mm.

Pay attention – you should avoid using unknown tints and fonts because they are not road legal and don’t look so clear.

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The Bottom Line

We shared everything about number plate fonts in the above article. Plus, we also mentioned a great source you can share any confusion with and get immediate responses.

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