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Complete Guide to Use Smoktech Mods

by Uneeb Khan

In an industry that saw tremendous growth and expansion throughout the 2-1-s and 2020s, SMOK has emerged as one of the pivot companies. Around the year 2014, not more than 4% of consumers in America were vapers. But in the following year, a Reuters poll showed that as much as 10% of the population has attempted vaping through the use of devices like e-cigarettes and disposables.

As the demand for vaping devices increases, SMOK produces several mods to supply the expanding market. Even though consumer knowledge about these devices has come a long way since the early days, there is still a lot of confusion and questions surrounding using more sophisticated vaping mods like the SMOKtech mods.

In an attempt to ensure you get the most from your vape devices, here’s an in-depth look at the mods produced by SMOK.

Let’s begin with the basics.

What Are SMOKtech Mods?

SMOKtech mods are a variety of high-performance vape devices released by SMOK which run the same software. Some versions like the G-Priv 2, for example, support touch instead of button-clicking combos. But for the most part, they all have the same software with similar functionalities, while the input methods differ slightly.


· SMOK Alien 220W


· SMOK X-Priv


Now, assuming you just bought any of these mods, how do you use them? Continue reading to find out.

Switching on SMOK Mods

The majority of mods recently introduced by SMOK use a fire bar instead of a single fire button. It works pretty well when firing up your mod for use because it doesn’t need any precision to get right. In other words, it’s as easy to use as it gets. You don’t have to overthink the process of switching on your mod since it’s a relatively intuitive motion. After unboxing your SMOKtech mod and adequately inserting the batteries, you only have to click the fire bar repeatedly five times to turn it on. You’ll see a brief boot-up denoted by a display of the SMOK logo, followed by the settings menu.

Understanding The Mod’s Disday

The display of your mod will show several pieces of information, which can confuse some first users. For starters, you have the TC readings, Ohms reading, wattage, voltage, dual-battery readouts, and a puff counter to alert you to your daily vaping habits.

Assuming you own one of the sub-ohm tanks from SMOK, it’s vital to ensure that its resistance is compatible with the resistance specified on display. But this should cause you no problems since they’re purposefully calibrated. However, there are rare cases of atomizer error when users fail to set up the coil correctly.

After coil installation, the display indicates its resistance with the Ohms symbol, e.g., 15Ω. If there are incompatibility issues with the coil or a wrong connection, your mod will fail to fire, and you’ll notice an error message. In this case, you’ll need to check your coil, and ensure proper connection for the tank and coil. Next, set your preferred water using the up and down buttons.

· Pro Tip: It’s always recommended to begin at a lower wattage (40W-50W) than advertised and increase gradually to prime the coil and avoid burning it.

Changing Coils

When you switch out your tank’s coil, particularly those with an RDA, the mod will have to determine if you installed an OLD or NEW coil. It will ask you and provide two possible Ohm readings. You have to choose the reading that tallies with your coil. That’s, if your coil is new, you select the NEW option. For touchscreen mods, tapping the NEW option will do the trick. Non-touchscreen users have to toggle through the options by clicking the fire bar and long-pressing the bar to choose the preferred option.

Upgrading Firmware For SMOKtech Mods

First, you need to install SMOK’s NuMicro ISP programming software on your computer. Next, check SMOK’s official website for the details regarding firmware upgrades for your specific mod.

One thing to always keep in mind, it’s ESSENTIAL to remove every battery from the mod before you attempt a firmware upgrade. Lastly, certain modes will require you to press and hold the fire button during the whole process.


SMOK, as a company, has come a long way, and so have its products. Instead of the low-budget brand that sold basic vaping products, the company turned a lot around in a matter of years. Today, it is renowned for its unique and sleek designs with its mods and vape pens. SMOKtech mods rival many other reputable names in the vaping market, with impressive housing performance and outstanding features. The devices mentioned above are classic examples of what the company has to offer its customers. Whether you’re starting your vaping journey or looking for a new mod, SMOKtech mods can be an excellent option. You can also check swenico.se to get the best tobacco-free nicotine pouches.

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