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10 Instagram Story Ideas for Creative Instagram for 2022

by Uneeb Khan

10 Instagram Story Ideas for Creative Instagram for 2022

Instagram Stories can be an excellent method to interact with your comprar seguidores twitter users and post content that doesn’t require long to create. However, while you can use it to share non-editing videos and photos in the present, it could soon become boring for the people who view it. If you’re looking to keep your fans engaged with Instagram Stories, you also have to think ahead and be imaginative. Make a promotion about a sale with fun stickers.

Picuki is an online free Instagram editor and viewer tool that allows users to edit and download stunning images in seconds using a photo editor that’s both powerful and easy to use. With a single click, you can convert your photos into beautifully crafted designs that’ll instantly turn heads and capture attention.

Instagram Stories are an excellent platform for entrepreneurs and brands to announce an offer or discount. If you’re doing this now, you can be more imaginative by adding stickers that help make the offer stand out. Animation-based stickers make a statement and put the focus on the sale.

The Ghibli Premium Store account frequently shares stories with fun stickers that draw attention to the sale.

You could even include an electronic timer that counts down until the end that you are selling. This can be a great way to add urgency to your story and attract more customers to take advantage of the deal before it expires.

2. Introduce new members to your team

Because of their candid nature, Instagram Stories allow you to be closer and more intimate. This means shining a spotlight on the people in the company’s background (or the team responsible for social media). This isn’t just for business but also content creators and entrepreneurs.

Utilize Instagram Stories to welcome new employees or present an employee’s story. You can even begin an employee takeover where every employee posts “day in the life of” posts throughout the day. This can help put an individual face on your brand and create relationships with your target audience.

3. Theme: Create Spotlight Stories

Creating stories centered around things that your followers are interested in is a fantastic way to build your relationship with your followers. You can make use of Instagram Stories to focus on businesses, individuals, and products that revolve around month-long celebrations such as Black History Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, Pride Month, and many more.

To celebrate Black History Month, Apartment Therapy used Instagram Stories to create a Small Business Spotlight for Black-owned businesses. This series will feature black small-business owners such as Megan from @everythineantiques telling her story to inform people some details about her company and walk the audience through a typical day of her daily life as a small-business owner.

4. Place Your Customers in the Light

Instagram Stories are intended to allow you to connect with your followers. What better way to interact with them than to put Stories in front of the camera? Utilize Stories to share glowing reviews or comments, posts, and your clients’ stories. It is possible to include before and after images and testimonials in your Stories. This kind of content created by users does more than making existing customers feel appreciated; but can also help earn the trust of potential customers.

Drunk Elephant, For instance, Drunk Elephant is a good example. They use Stories to post photos of customers that showcase their products. They also tag customers on each post and provide a link to their website to ensure that their followers get the same item.

5. Make Your Polls Creative by Using Your Brain

With the ability to choose between two options, polls can be the perfect method to keep your audience entertained. Make your polls unique and make them an opportunity to get to know your target audience more deeply.

Suppose you cannot develop ideas for content, run polls, and ask your readers to vote for their top content types. You can ask them to vote for which content they would like to receive more from you. It’s also possible to ask them to choose whether they would like the content you’re trying out.

Polls can also be an excellent method to gauge what consumers want. What do your customers require help with? What are they seeking? Are they looking for any unmet needs? What is the popularity of a particular product when compared to other products? Make sure to conduct regular polls on your Stories to determine what your customers are looking for.

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Amorino Gelato used polls to allow people to vote on various sweet treats, thereby helping them determine the needs of their customers.

6. Countdown until a significant event

If you’re hosting an important event, such as the release of a product or Instagram Live session, or an upcoming sale, use the countdown sticker to create anticipation. The followers will be able to click the timer to set the timer so they will receive an email notification when the event is live. This is a great way to bring your audience to the upcoming event and encourage greater participation.

Fenty Beauty, For example, has shared a timer that counts towards the release of their brand new Fenty Icon lipstick collection.

7. Share Posts/Stories Mentioning You

When another website mentions your name, it increases your credibility and proves your social status. It lets your followers know that others have been talking about your character and taking note of your name. In certain instances, it also shows that others are backing your company, which could help to establish confidence. If a client or influencer mentions you, think about sharing it on your story.

Onitsuka Tiger’s Onitsuka Tiger page shared Stories in which influential accounts mentioned them and thanked the Onitsuka Tiger for the Lunar New Year gifts.

8. Make It Clear How Things Are Created

People love transparency. Instagram Stories are the ideal way to show more openness to your followers by showing how your products are created. If you are creators of content, you could also demonstrate how you make the content you post, i.e., the process by which you find inspiration, capture photographs, and edit your photos.

The famous artist @titsayy utilized Instagram Stories to show her work. Instagram Stories to show her work in progress and the materials she used to create her artwork. This is an excellent method to encourage your followers to join your journey, regardless of whether you’re a brand or content creator.

9. Make a Buying Guide

When you’re using Stories to advertise your product, be a bit more imaginative and offer an easy shopping guide. It works by gently encouraging your customers to purchase the products but not pushing them too hard. Instead of telling them explicitly to “buy this,” you’re providing them with suggestions for what they can purchase if they’re interested.

For instance, a&be’s bridal store shared a buying guide for labels dresses that brides can purchase for less than $2,000. This is an excellent opportunity to attract buyers who consider buying but don’t know what to buy.

You can also create it as thematic by arranging your ideas around a specific celebration. For instance, Brit and Co. showcased products from brands owned by AAPI to commemorate Lunar Year. Year.

10. Make fun graphics using helpful Strategies

If you wish for your viewers to remain interested, it is essential to develop Stories that have value. This implies offering them something they will find helpful in everyday life or at work. If you want to be a bit imaginative with these suggestions, you can share them using unique and engaging illustrations that match your company’s visual identity.

For instance, Pattern Brands shared practical guidelines for DTC brands with original designs. They kept their tips concise and straightforward, but they also provided helpful information that their readers would find beneficial.

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