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Constant Stream of Smoke From Your Tail Pipe? Here is What Could Be Wrong

A glimpse of white smoke at your car’s tail pipe, for a few minutes, is not a serious concern as it appears initially for a few minutes. But a constant stream of white smoke is something that needs immediate attention.

Why does a car start to emit smoke suddenly? If you know about a car’s engine process, you should keep in mind that an engine converts the fuel into kinetic energy at the cost of emissions. Generally, gases emitted at the tail pipe do not bear any colour as most of them are then converted by a device (catalytic converter) into safer gases to emit into the environment.

Constant Stream of Smoke From Your Tail Pipe Here’s What Could Be Wrong

But, how does the transparent emission change into white smoke? Is it your car’s engine issue that’s behind the white smoke at the tailpipe?

Let’s check out here some of the issues that might be the cause of concern behind the white smoke from your car’s tailpipe.

Are fuel injectors malfunctioning?

Are fuel injectors malfunctioning

No doubt! Fuel injectors are necessary to deliver the proper amount of fuel at the proper time so that the combustion process can happen properly. However, these spray nozzles just inject the fuel into the combustion chamber as per the command of the ECU.

Fuel must be injected into the engine’s combustion chamber at precise times for optimal combustion, so even the slightest variation can upset the system’s equilibrium.

There is a good chance that a fuel injector will malfunction or leak. The fuel injector might not inject the right amount of fuel into the combustion chamber, and extra fuel may burn off and escape as well. And when it does, there is some extra white smoke at the tail.

Another possibility is that your fuel injectors are clogged, which would render them useless. Injectors’ inspection and replacement are not recommended. These tasks are best left to the mechanics.

However, you can consult with a mechanic at Service My Car to lead to the solution while opting for routine fuel filter replacement because contaminants in the fuel are primarily to blame for fuel injector failure.

Is it a bad engine control unit sends improper command to fuel injectors?

Is it a bad engine control unit sends improper command to fuel injectors

However, what happens if there are problems with an ECU and it is unable to send the fuel injectors the right signals? In this case, the fuel injectors will typically inject fuel into the combustion chamber by default.

This merely indicates that the engine control unit needs to be reset or repaired so that it can adjust the timing of the fuel pump injector. Frequently, all you need to do to reprogram the computer is briefly disconnect the battery from your car.

If this does not stop the problem of thick white smoke coming from the exhaust, it is best to take your car to a qualified mechanic at Service My Car.

You can also ask for a comprehensive car scanning and diagnostics service at Service My Car.

Is there any crack in cylinder head, engine block or head gasket?

Is there any crack in cylinder head, engine block or head gasket

Apart from bad fuel injectors, a crack in engine, especially cylinder head or block always turns out to be a major concern for a white smoke at tail.

Is there any doubt that how an engine gets cracked? It mostly happens due to a consistently overheating engine due to low coolant levels, which is due to leaking coolant, and constant temperature fluctuations of the engine.

The cracks also allows coolant or oil to leak into the cylinders, which then are burned and produce thick white smoke from exhaust.

In addition, a worn head gasket, a thin metal sheet that serves as insulation between the cylinder head and the block is a less serious reason for the white smoke. It serves as a seal between the two components and aid in stopping coolant leaks from the engine cover.

However, regular wear and tear could end up doing the damage, which you would notice as white smoke coming from the tail pipe.

When this occurs, the engine’s cooling channels are no longer able to contain the coolant, which instead enters the cylinder. A damaged head gasket can only be replaced at a reputable shop like Service My Car. Get a head gasket replacement at very affordable prices.

Condensation in tail pipe

Condensation in tail pipe

When you park your car at night, the lower temperature yields the condensation. Which causes moisture to condense into droplets that may remain in the tail pipe? However, steam is result of when the warm or hot exhaust gases interact with the cold droplets inside the exhaust.

The white smoke ought to diminish after a brief period of driving. However, this is quite normal of having some smoke at the starting of engine, especially in the morning.

If you have a close look at these points, this is not hard to conclude that a constant stream of exhaust white smoke (especially that has not disappeared after few minutes of engine turning over), hints at some sort of severe concern under the hood. You cannot ignore such issues as your vehicle’s engine at risk.

You can make use of expert’s services of mechanics of Service My Car as there is car engine repair available for a diverse variety of make and models. However, you have to book a car service or order a car repair quote at our website or app.

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