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Lack of proper disposal leads to various e-waste related risks, including environmental and human health hazards. Besides, CIOs should pursue regulatory compliant electronics recycling to establish a sustainable business model. At a higher level, sustainable electronic disposition could complement the service privacy, ISO 14001, and sustainability measures (SDG 12, Responsible Production and Consumption). However, literature on waste management solutions within the CIO arena is lacking. We aim to identify the strategic state-of-the-art sustainable e-waste logistics companies offering e-waste solutions pertaining to the disposal of retired electronics within typical CIOs pursuing environmentally conscious solutions.

To date, addressing the ever-increasing global electronic waste has posed a crucial problem. A sustainable e-waste management company offering e-waste logistics is key in mitigating the risks related to organizational e-waste disposal. However, expert insight on e-waste management services within Corporate Internal Organization (CIO) remains a challenge. This commentary aims to enhance e-waste management solutions within the forefront of asset management (AM). Given the increase in electronics produced and the related waste stream globally, CIO managers and sustainability practitioners are faced with a relevant challenge related to the disposal of electronics within their organizations. Our corporate e-waste management services ensure environmentally responsible disposal and recycling of electronic waste for businesses globally.

R2 Certified Company

Attention to detailed metrics, third-party certifications, and results are among the reasons our customers choose us as their electronic waste removal vendor. Our friendly bilingual dispatchers have more than 50 years of experience and will respond within 48 hours of your request, will provide an inventory of assets, pack and inventory all loads, and provide pricing based on equipment market value. We value capture and recover materials and components from retired electronics and offer an extensive asset recovery program focused on retired IT hardware and other electronics products. We provide resale and recycling services to businesses nationwide and understand the importance of data privacy. Our years in business and incredible team make us your prominent business partner.

We at Sustainable Asset Management Solutions are proud to be an R2 certified company, which provides our clients with the confidence to know that we will manage their technology waste in a responsible way, ensuring that all hazardous materials from their electronics are handled and properly processed without any potential risk to their company. At SAMS, we believe in promoting economic opportunities among local partners in the communities we serve. At our certified facilities, we monitor all local and downstream vendors to prevent any transfer of CRT material to non-certified vendors. We also collect, process, and direct product to appropriate end-of-life recyclers focused on best practice requirements and ensure that all vendors are R2 certified, ensuring e-waste does not end up in third-world countries. As an R2 certified company, we adhere to the highest standards for safe and sustainable electronic waste recycling, providing peace of mind and compliance assurance.

SAMS: Industry Expertise and Experience

The E-Waste (Management) Rules (e-Waste Rules) 2016 came into force on 1st October 2016. These rules, inter alia, laid down targets for the collection of e-waste. As the major part of an electronic device constitutes metal or its alloy with very desirable properties like high thermal and electrical conductivities, high ductility, excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and biocompatibility, they are present inside many industrial settings, aircraft, medical device technology, and a variety of everyday use products. The widespread uses of these elements have significant economic and social advantages and are the basis for modern technology in today’s world. Management of these resources has become important and necessary in view of their utilization and recycling to meet the demand of the growing world populations. Hence, the management of these resources in the form of e-waste has come into focus. Sustainable Asset Management Solutions, a 14-year-old company involved in recovering precious and strategic metals from e-wastes, is the first RoHS compliant electronic process house (Smelting & Refining) in the country and is very much involved in managing these strategic and precious metals.

Adverse impacts of e-waste are well addressed from various perspectives. The rapid generation and inappropriate disposal of hazardous e-waste, containing significant quantities of toxic substances, have become a global issue of concern. Sustainable Asset Management Solutions (SAMS) is one of the very few organizations globally certified to provide e-waste management solutions to address e-waste problems. As compared to the big e-waste centers, the company has infrastructure that is very well equipped for concentrate recovery of precious and strategic metals of the e-wastes, leaving behind safe ways through materials recovery. To fulfill the need of protecting the environment and meeting the legal obligations to protect employees and customers, Wipro’s E-Waste Policy has been implemented and Wipro’s assertions are strongly driven by the principles given under the Basel Convention. SAMS (Sustainable Asset Management Solutions) offers a comprehensive approach to eco-friendly asset disposal, maximizing value recovery while minimizing environmental impact.

Sustainable Solutions for E-Waste Disposal

Deciding which Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) solutions to employ can address the challenges that are faced when determining the best way to dispose of e-waste. There are many conditions that will affect the decision about whether to recycle a material, namely the need for raw materials, economics, and environmental considerations. Deciding to recycle products is a way to stay on the path to sustainability and serve all three of the objectives, as recycling can recover raw materials to be used again. There are very important reasons why everyone has to take part in the safe disposal of e-waste. The greatest one is that e-waste disposal is directly related to the environment and public human health. The improper disposal of electronic products contaminates the air, ground, and water, and the excessive accumulation of e-waste can be toxic and dangerous. The disposal of e-waste and the recycling of e-products are major steps to serve humanity. As e-waste grows as a problem, our ability to instigate changes that are needed is diminished. Recycling e-waste is not only essential for the general safety of the Earth but also a necessity.

The consumption of electronic products has increased rapidly as technology advances and the availability and use of electronic products become ubiquitous. Concerns about electronic waste, or e-waste, have global implications as these products are discarded when they reach the end of their useful life. More than 50 million metric tons of electronic equipment are discarded annually. The United Nations estimates that each person produces three kilograms of e-waste annually and contends that e-waste is the world’s fastest-growing domestic waste stream. Discarding electronic products creates hazardous waste that is harmful to humans and the environment, as well as to groundwater and surface water. The need for the proper disposal of electronic products is mandatory and is addressed by many different organizations, including Original Equipment Manufacturers, recyclers, and legislation by many states and countries. Responsible disposal of electronic products is important to ensure that they reach a recycling facility or are diverted from the waste stream by reuse of some of the components in the equipment. This paper evaluates e-waste disposal solutions from a Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) perspective.

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