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Lamination Types That Perfect For Custom Pizza Boxes

by Uneeb Khan
Pizza Boxes

The attractive pizza boxes enable you to make an excellent first introduction of your edibles and pizzeria business in front of the target audience. On the other hand, scratches, scuffs, stains, and other damages can mangle the first impression on the customers. To maintain the visual classiness of these boxes, you must consider laminating them aptly. The lamination is a protective layer that serves as a second skin to shield your printed design from undesirable effects. It can offer you many additional advantages, depending upon what kind of laminate you will select for your pizza packages. 

Gloss Pizza Boxes:

Gloss lamination is one of the best choices to provide your pizza boxes with an enhanced outer look. It has a glass-like appearance and produces an instant shine that catches the eyes from a distance. In addition, it increases the liveliness and vibrancy of ink on the box, making the colors and graphics look enticingly appealing.

It is often the go-to choice of many businesses to market and promotes their products and services since it adds a touch of professionalism. Whether you are using CMYK or PMS, the colors will stand out with this type of lamination. Therefore, if you want to cast a maximum impact on the retail shelves with your pizza packages, the laminated gloss packages are your way.

Moreover, this laminate is highly durable because it can repel the effects of dirt, dust, scratches, and scuffs. Finally, it enhances the perceived value of your pizzas by implying a richer look. 


For supplementing a sophisticated and elegant touch to your pizza packaging, matte lamination is an excellent choice. Unlike gloss lamination, it does not look so bright, which makes the printed text appear more accessible in the eyes of the readers without causing any confusion. It has a more velvety texture and looks softer and more subtle. It dulls down the surface of the pizza packages so that they do not appear bright at all.

Creating a subtle look enables the colors and other visual elements to appear shinier and more profound by a perfect contrast. gonorrhea ivermectin It deflects the sunlight or glare to ensure that your printed box is easy to read from every angle. One of the fundamental traits of this laminate is that it can withstand increased levels of daily use. It also protects the pizza packages against fingerprints, germs, grease, dirt, dust, etc. After it gets soiled, one can easily clean it without any real hassle. 


The velvet lamination proffers a softer texture to the pizza packages that increase the touch experience of the customers who put a hand on your boxes. It provides a more profound and enormously richer look to your printed pizza packaging that receives a great piece of attention from the audience. ivermectin dosage for heartworm prevention in dogs The high-end velvet touch to your box is all your business requires to gain an extra edge over your competitors.

It is the best choice for a non-glossy effect since it softens the colors, lowers the contrast, and provides an overall lighter outlook. This type of lamination should be preferred when you want a box with a striking yet elegant appearance. ivermectin for lice in india It can add depth to the printed text and graphics by making them scratch-free and increasing their life. The scratch-resistant property of this laminate proves quite favorable in printing the pizza packages in solid colors. 


The soft-touch lamination also adds a tactile touch to your pizza packages that the customers can feel. Studies have revealed that buyers are more inclined towards buying products that elevate their sensory experience. Soft-touch laminate also creates a velvety texture to the packaging. However, it is reasonably priced and costs you less price when compared to velvet lamination. This unique texture does not compromise the color or quality that makes your box a centerpiece of attention in the market.

The best part about this laminate. It is eco-friendly since it does not involve the application of plastisol inks when printing different colors or designs on the packages. Soft-touch laminate is the most acceptable option to achieve print materials that do not get yellowed with time. Moreover, it is resistant to fingerprint scratches and ensures sophisticated prints that enhance the tactile appeal. 

Lamination is an important consideration since you are working hard to design. The ideal pizza boxes that cast a maximum impact on the customers. The gloss lamination can be a wise choice in producing more bright and colorful packages, while the matte. Laminate is best for a subtle appearance. For adding tactile effects, both velvet and soft-touch laminate can prove beneficial, but the latter is less expensive.

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