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Detail things to know about the germany university for masters

by Uneeb Khan

Today’s advanced world needs competence in any given sector, fueling the attractiveness of a Masters’ degree overseas. Students are increasingly crossing boundaries for a highly lucrative career by championing a Masters’ program at the world’s greatest colleges. Germany is a popular study abroad option for Masters Students. The quality of education, emphasis on research, and affordability are some of the factors that draw students to Germany’s top master’s programs. 

germany university for masters

In the winter semester, germany university for masters hosted around 3, 30,000 students. It is often a one to a two-year degree (2-4 semesters). In Germany, there are no tuition fees for master’s programs because the majority of German universities are state-funded. Students must only pay a one-time registration fee of around 3,269 EUR to 16,626 EUR (2.58 lakhs -13.64 lakhs) depending on the program chosen.

List out the pros of top universities in germany for MS 

  • Most German public colleges do not charge tuition.
  • Excellent teaching and research infrastructure at Germany’s leading MS institutions
  • Master’s degrees from the world’s most prestigious universities
  • English study programs are available, as are rewarding career and networking opportunities.
  • Student-friendly living expenses. 

How to get a student visa for Germany? 

  • To stay in germany university for masters for longer than 90 days as a student, you must get a residence permit.
  • As proof of money needed for the cost of living in Germany, you must provide funds of €8,640 per year.
  • The residency permit is valid for a maximum of two years. It must be renewed if the course lasts longer than the specified two years.
  • In an academic year, students can work 90 days full-time or 180 days part-time. 
  • Currently, Germany is the only country where a student can work part-time in a connected industry.
  •  Some universities also provide on-campus part-time jobs known as wifi.

What are the scholarships provided by German universities? 

MS in Germany offers students both merit-based scholarships and need-based assistance. The government and private organizations provide the majority of scholarships for overseas students applying to German institutions. Some of the most popular master’s degree scholarships in Germany are, 

  • The DAAD is the world’s largest financial aid institution. It is aimed at both German and international students. Over 100,000 national and foreign students and researchers are supported by the organization. Payments for health, accident, and personal liability insurance with extra benefits on monthly rent, monthly allowance for accompanying family members, and allowance for German language courses. 
  • The German Federal Government established the Deutschland stipendium Program to recognize and reward excellent students. This program benefits almost 22500 pupils. Through sponsorships from businesses, foundations, private universities, and other institutions, the German government has created this in collaboration with public and private institutions. 
  • The Friedrich Ebert Foundation is a political foundation that provides financial aid to international and German students. Demonstrate civic consciousness by expressing a desire for social or political action.
  • They provide a variety of scholarships to both German and international students, including refugees, at all academic levels. The Heinrich Boll scholarship is given to students planning to study STEM topics (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), as well as programs with an emphasis on Environmental Science. 

Final thoughts 

Germany’s distinct culture provides tourists with fantastic new experiences as well as the opportunity to participate in festivals and special events. You may learn about the country’s past as well as its diversified present society.

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