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Diagnose and Treat Emergencies with A Chemiluminescent Analyzer

by Uneeb Khan

In the area of in vitro diagnostics, Wondfo is well-known. Wondfo manufactures a high-quality line of chemiluminescent assay analyzers used by laboratories and research organizations for various purposes. Wondfo’s dry chemistry analyzers provide diagnoses such as bone metabolism, fertility, cardiac, etc.

What is a Chemiluminescent Assay?

A chemiluminescent assay is a biochemical technique used to measure the amount of a particular molecule in a sample. The principle behind this method is that when two molecules react, they release energy in the form of light. By measuring the amount of light emitted, we can determine the number of molecules in the sample.

This method has many advantages over other measurement methods, such as ELISA or radioimmunoassay. First, it is much more sensitive, meaning that even small amounts of the molecule can be detected. Second, it is very specific, meaning it can distinguish between different types of molecules. Finally, it is relatively easy to perform and does not require expensive equipment.

Using Chemiluminescent Assay for Emergency Treatment

Get emergency care as quickly as possible if you believe you are experiencing a heart attack or that someone you know is. Measuring the number of enzymes in the blood is one method of determining a heart attack. Chemiluminescent analyzers can measure enzymes and proteins the body makes in reaction to specific stimuli.

The most frequent enzymes to assess to identify a heart attack are troponin I and troponin T. When the heart tissue sustains damage; troponin T is released, whereas troponin I is released when the heart muscle sustains damage. Therefore, it is likely that the person has had a heart attack if there are high levels of either of these enzymes.

Myoglobin and CK-MB are two other enzymes that might be tested. Creatine kinase-myocardial band, or CK-MB, is a protein released when the heart muscle is injured. Red blood cells and muscle tissue contain myoglobin, which escapes into the bloodstream when there is tissue damage. These enzymes can be measured to aid in the diagnosis and assessment of the severity of a heart attack.


Wondfo chemiluminescent analyzers are crucial tools for diagnosing and treating medical emergencies. They offer data that aid medical professionals in selecting the most appropriate treatment for their patients. Despite the market having a wide variety of these machines, it is crucial to pick one that is dependable and simple to operate.

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