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Different Varieties of Bed To Consider For Your Home

by Uneeb Khan
Different Varieties of Bed To Consider For Your Home

Beds are one of the eye-catchy furniture pieces in the bedroom as it occupies maximum space of the surrounding. Hence, it is imperative to have an attractive and functional bed in every house. Whether it is a kid or an adult, a comfortable bed helps in offering a peaceful night’s sleep. Thus, here are a few of the varieties of beds that will complement your interiors while giving you a relaxed time at home. 

  1. Divan Beds:

They are one of the oldest kinds of beds. Known for its sturdiness and functionality, this bed is made up of two parts joined via a bracket. Available in different designs and types, they come with storage box options to store your seasonal items. 

  1. Sofa Cum Beds:

When you have space constraints, sofa cum beds are multifunctional beds that can be used as a sofa over the day and as a proper bed during the night. They are used in the living room, study room, or otherwise where there is limited space. It is one of the selling beds as consumers have shown love for such beds in compact apartments and rooms. 

  1. Wooden Cot Beds:

They are adorable beds designed with high boundaries specially made for little tots. The high boundaries of the wooden cot bed assures that the little one is safe even when turning sides and doesn’t fall off the bed. With the high level of safety and comfort for the baby, it can be made interesting by decorating it with soft toys and rattles. 

  1. Trundle Beds:

When you have limited space and you need more than one-bed space, trundle beds are one of a kind. It is easily moveable and you can have one sleeping bed on top of the other. However, it doesn’t take up extra space than a regular twin bed during the day. Thus, if you are looking for smart and space-saving furniture, consider this type of bed. 

  1. Platform Beds:

If you want to have the appearance of a bed that touches the floor and doesn’t have a gap in the group, platform beds are visually appealing to consider. With no legs, they are lightweight and versatile as it blends well with any kind of décor and interiors. They are also available with a storage option hence, it solves the juggle to keep your unwanted items.

  1. Metal Bed:

If you are someone who doesn’t like wooden furniture and looking for a sturdy option in bed, a metal bed is a right choice for you. It is also available in bunk beds dedicated for kids where the metal poles connect the top bed to the bottom and the metal ladder is used to climb to the top bed. Therefore, metal being sturdy and lightweight, numerous couples prefer metal beds over wooden especially when they have transferrable jobs to shift between places effortlessly. 

  1. Storage Beds:

Whether it is a limited-spaced house or a large house, extra storage space never hurts anyone. Thus, storage beds are one type that has been successful as it helps to keep extra items safely without taking up any extra space. They are functional, sturdy, and popular in giving a comfortable sleep.

  1. Canopy beds:

To give a princess feel to your daughter, a canopy bed similar to four poster bed is an attractive option. The four pillars of the bed are used to carry panels and fabrics to give it a dramatic princess-like bed. 

So, the next time you are planning to redesign or renovate your beds, consider these to choose as per your requirement and space. 

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