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5 Easy Steps to Plan Your Dream Kitchen

by Uneeb Khan

Kitchens used to be hidden away in workspaces but in today’s time, they are rooms we spend vast amounts of time in. Not only do kitchens need to offer the preparation and cooking facilities that suit all the people living there, but they must also be stylish spaces we want to enjoy being in.

Sometimes, kitchens are made in the open-plan style and take up living room space so its decor must work together with dining and living room areas. Proper kitchen planning is important if you want a successful kitchen design that fulfills all your needs and our 5 steps will definitely get you there, whether you are doing it alone or have called professional kitchen remodelers.

Write Down the Elements You Want

Analyzing what you already have in your current kitchen vs what you need and want from your next kitchen is important. Usually, it is best to do this yourself by using what works in your current kitchen and changing what doesn’t before you meet a kitchen designer. This process will make you creative, helping you realize if you can reuse or recycle anything.

For example, think about your kitchen cabinets, do you want Aline kitchen cabinets? Does the living room area need to be added? Even research what style of sink you want and how many appliances you need to fit.

Consider the Best Layout

When brainstorming different kitchen layouts and design ideas, think about the following to get a clearer picture:

  • How do you use the kitchen? The kitchen layout design should fit your lifestyle perfectly.
  • Is it an open-plan space? Focus on the layout of the working part of the kitchen first but also how it will look with the dining table and if it is meeting another space, how it will look with that.
  • Remember the working triangle. To plan out the cooking and preparation space, use the concept of the working triangle of the kitchen. The three points are the fridge, sink, and hob with imaginary lines between them forming a triangle. These three points should be near enough to each other to make preparing meals efficient but the workstation shouldn’t feel restricted.
  • What work’s best with your kitchen shape? Think about the triangle imposed on the possible layouts a kitchen can take. Galley kitchens, U-shaped kitchens, curved kitchens, L-shaped kitchens, and open-plan kitchens are all of them. 

Draw a Detailed Kitchen Floor Plan

When you complete your list, you can start working on a floor plan. When designing a kitchen, it’s important you understand the space you are working with. You can ask a kitchen company or architect or use graph paper and do it yourself, to make scale drawings of your kitchen’s floorplan.

Mark exactly where the internal and external doors and windows will be so you have the best flow possible between your kitchen, outside space, and the rest of your house. You will also need to add zones in your plan if you are designing an open-plan kitchen as well.

What is the best way to plot the cabinetry and appliances? Have little paper cut-outs of to-scale appliances and cabinets. Use a pencil and eraser on hand if you fail that. Once you know how much room you have to work with, you can start planning how to make the most of it.  You will also learn how much you need to spend before you begin the design process properly, seeing you end up with a plan you can afford. You can also reduce excess costs in the early stages if your plan doesn’t match your budget.

Gather Kitchen Design Ideas

Once you have taken the starting points into account, you can really start to gather your kitchen inspiration to have the end result in front of you. Finding a style that suits the practicality of your lifestyle is important. Take the following things into account:

Do you want your kitchen design to compliment the style or period of your home or contrast it? Do you want it to match the decor of the other rooms, or to be unique? What style units do you want to opt for? How will you use colors or textures in the space with materials? All of these things should be considered before any work takes place. Once you thought of a look, you can start putting your kitchen planning into practice. 

Choose the Best Materials for Kitchen Design

Once you know what you want, you can get started on selecting kitchen units, finishes, and more. All of this will mostly depend on your budget. But remember that investing in the best quality kitchen within your budget adds value to your home. And everyone knows, the better quality materials, the longer your kitchen will last.

Materials great for a traditional kitchen design:

Hardwood is the best and most durable material for your traditional kitchen. Aline kitchen cabinets are made from this material. Plywood is another good choice and is a bit cheaper than a solid wood kitchen. If you want to go for a sleek modern kitchen design: Fiberboard cabinets are usually affordable but are long-lasting and give you a smooth surface for a chic, minimalist look.

Which materials should you avoid?

Cabinets and cabinet doors that have wood veneer don’t usually last very long as the veneer layer peels and chips. The same is of particleboard. But, both of these materials are budget-friendly so if you want to keep your cost a minimum, they are perfect for you.


Now that you know the 5 steps of planning your dream kitchen, we hope you get started on that renovation process right away! However, if you are worried about finding kitchen remodelers, we are the perfect choice as our team of professionals will give you a great kitchen in no time!

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