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Eating organic improve our skin

by Uneeb Khan
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The researchers selected, among the cohort, 150 big organic eaters (more than 50  % organic products in their diet) and 150 weak organic eaters (less than 10  %), with similar profiles for the rest.  Pesticide concentration was measured in their urine. The idea of organic food like turmeric root was to create healthy foods that are free from chemicals and synthetic substances, as well as other harmful substances like pesticides and fertilisers.  Exposure to certain pesticides could therefore be ”  reduced by switching from conventional food to organic food  ” , wrote the authors of the article. “  This is of particular interest to consumers of conventional fruits and vegetables, as they may have the highest exposure to pesticides.

Organic foods reduced  the risk of cancer

In addition to overweight and obesity, the research team looked at cancers in cohort participants…and found that regular consumption of organic foods reduced  the risk of developing one by 25% .  The risk was particularly reduced for breast cancer in women (less 34  %) and for lymphomas (less 76  %).

Organic diet and cancers

A result asking to be confirmed by other studies, but again unpublished. The links between pesticides and cancer ”  have been extensively studied in professional populations, but much less in the general population, and even less the links with organic food  ” , underlines the epidemiologist.  Thus, the scientists found only one study, British, having already made the link between organic diet and cancers: it observed a lower risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.https://organixlover.com

Pesticides and cancers

It remained to refine the observation of this link between exposure to pesticides and cancers: do certain pesticides cause certain cancers  ?  The data of 13,149 women from the Nutrient cohort were studied, and made it possible to establish ”  profiles  ” of exposure to certain pesticides, based on information on their diet.  If we eat a lot of tomatoes and cucumbers, we will not be exposed to the same pesticides as if we eat a lot of bread.

Eating organic benefited

Two profiles stood out. Women with little exposure to pesticides, because eating organic, benefited from a reduction of 43 % risk of developing postmenopausal breast cancer. The other profile, conversely, brought together women who were highly exposed to certain synthetic pesticides. Among them, it is in particular those who are overweight or obese who present an increased risk of cancer.. Results consistent with observations already made in the wives of farmers using these pesticides, noted the article presenting the results.Organic products oats, moringa and  best turmeric supplement available here, so that you can spend less money on quality organic food items.

People who eat organic are healthier

In short, years of work confirming that people who eat organic are healthier.    It is only this accumulation of studies that will allow science to arrive at a meta-analysis, a compilation of all the epidemiological data on the subject, and to reach the highest level of proof possible. If other studies come to show the same things as us, this will probably mean that the maximum residue limits must be reviewed ,  ” says Emmanuelle Kesse-Guyot. The long-term results of the BioNutrient study tend to show that it is not so simple. “  Perhaps these limits work for foods taken separately, but in a diet that combines them, it is more problematic.

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