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Elevate Your Online Store with BigCommerce Design Principles

by Uneeb Khan
Elevate Your Online Store with BigCommerce Design Principles

BigCommerce is one of the best e-commerce platforms that leverage you to create, manage, and design your eCommerce website. It offers numerous features that will help you quickly build your site and make it more user-centric. Choosing the right eCommerce platform is essential for the success of your business as it creates a big difference in the online marketplace. 

Before choosing the platform, you have to look for its themes, templates, and other features it provides. Additionally, its apps and an open API give your website the freedom to customize your store manually. BigCommerce offers unlimited design options to make your store look better and scale in the market. 

Also, suppose you are an already established business owner. In that case, if you want to migrate from your current platform to Shopify, you can hire BigCommerce migration experts to transfer your store from the existing platform to BigCommerce successfully. 

Therefore, in this blog, we will explore the process of BigCommerce design and, what the principle of accurate design means, what you need to keep in mind while designing the store. 

In Which Way BigCommerce Design Functions?

BigCommerce is an easy-to-use platform; with its numerous features, you can quickly create and build your store on it even without having any knowledge and experience with website designing and coding. Thus, with its advanced capabilities, you can make your store more appealing and user-friendly. Thus, here we will explore how BigCommerce design really works. 


BigCommerce offers a plethora of themes and templates to its users. Some themes are available for free, and others are paid, so you can choose whatever suits your store best. From BigCommerce Theme Marketplace, you can also choose themes that are created by others.

Edit Theme Files:

When you want to make your website more appealing by designing it with some extra features that you can’t do with Page Builder, try Edit Theme Files. It is especially useful to make more advanced changes in your store. It is basically for adding special scripts for apps and plugins. However, you have to know some coding languages to do this, such as HTML, CSS, and Handlebars.js. 

Page Builder:

Without knowing coding, Page Builder allows you to manage and adjust your website’s looks and how it works. It is like a visual editor for your BigCommerce store. Each theme on the BigCommerce platform works with Page Builder, so you can add, remove, and move things easily on your store. Additionally, you can modify the color and size of the text. 

Stencil Command-Line Interface (CLI):

It is basically a tool for developers. It allows them to make changes and modifications to the theme without affecting the live website. It is a safe and secure place to test and customize your BigCommerce store theme. Stencil Command-Line Interface is vital for making advanced changes, but you will need web development knowledge to do it. 

Thus, this is how BigCommerce store design works. No, we will move toward the things you have to consider while designing your BigCommerce website. 

Best Tips for Designing Your Online Store Website

Here are the top tips to design and customize your BigCommerce website.

Design for Customer Satisfaction:

Create an emotional connection with customers through your e-commerce website design; it involves focusing on providing a seamless user experience, simplifying navigation, and ensuring clarity in the purchasing process. A website with a simple design always leads to high sales and conversion. 

Align with your brand identity:

Your business identity is the actual representation of your store. It shows who you really are as a brand. Thus, design your store in a way that connects with your audience and matches their preference, additionally setting your brand apart from competitors. Your brand must fly in every aspect, including visuals, new products, offers, etc. 

Mobile Friendly:

We all shift from multiple devices while scrolling through a website. While we shop for a product, we navigate the store through various devices. Therefore, while designing your store, ensure it looks the same on all devices and matches different screen sizes. 

Add Consumer Feedback:

To make your website more trustworthy and reliable, add social media reviews and feedback as social proof for your store. When other people come to your website, they will definitely look at the comment section to learn about different buying experiences. So, implement them on your website. 

The ecommerce world is changing rapidly; thus, your brand needs to match it. Now, brands continue evolving with technology and changing their design patterns. A new trend involves interactive layouts, exciting pages, and product suggestions based on statistics.


Thus, these are the things you have to consider while designing your BigCommerce store. Additionally, you can hire BigCommerce web designers such as MakkPress Technologies, which is an e-commerce marketing company specializing in BigCommerce store design and migration. MakkPress Technologies has a professional team of designers who are skilled in designing the website.

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