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Essential Things To Keep in Mind While Buying TMT Bars

by Uneeb Khan
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TMT steel bars are one of the most vital constituents of the structural system. TMT bars are widely used in steel bars today due to their high tensile strength, better elongation, and better bending strength.

There are several factors that determine the strength of a structure, such as the design, the quality of the building materials, etc. It is therefore very important to use good quality TMT steel bars when constructing your dream home or commercial building. The best TMT bars price today in Hyderabad varies based on various factors.

Apart from this, a good TMT Bar offers immeasurable resilience, elongation capacity, and high ductility. These bars help to improve the overall structure of the building. However, it also depends on other factors like building design and other materials’ quality used in the construction. In all honesty, TMT bars contribute most to the structural integrity of the building.

1. Raw Materials

A billet is a form of material that indicates the quality of the final product. Ideally, steel bars must be made with iron ore as the raw material and not scrap. Identifying the raw materials being used in making a TMT bar provides an idea of its quality. Many TMT manufacturers use scraps or ingots. These may impact the TMT bars’ strength, flexibility, and longevity. The chemical properties of a steel bar like the percentage of carbon, phosphorus, sulfur, and other chemicals are some of the critical factors deciding the strength of TMT bars. The quality of raw materials plays a key role in determining the best TMT bars price today.

2. Production Process

Examine the manufacturing process of TMT bars. Removing impurities from the bars is crucial to impart tensile strength, flexibility, and ductility to TMT bars. A PLC-controlled continuous linear rolling mill, precise quenching process, and automated cooling bed make certain that the bars are in perfect shape and composite structure. The soft inner core and hard outer core provide excellent yield and strength to the bar along with ductility and weldability. Such a fully-automated process extends uniformity to the shape and strength of the best TMT bars. Moreover, the fully automated process helps in deciding the uniformity and precision of TMT bars which helps in deciding the 8mm TMT bar price, 10 mm TMT bar price, and 12 mm TMT bar price.

3. Grades

TMT bars are available in various grades:Fe-415, Fe500, Fe550, Fe-415D, Fe500D, Fe550D, and Fe-600, etc. While “Fe” stands for iron and the figure defines the minimum yield stress in MPa, ‘D’ stands for ductility. Always inspect the grades of the TMT bar before you buy. If you need to build a structure in an earthquake-prone zone, then higher-grade TMT bars are a necessity. Various kinds of TMT bars are made with different chemical compositions which lead to differences in their tensile strength, yield strength, and durability.

Among all the grades available on the market, Fe-500 and Fe-500D are the most preferred grades when it comes to civil construction. Moreover, Radha TMT offers a far superior grade of FE-550. Using Radha TMT steel reduces overall steel consumption, due to higher strength and load-bearing capabilities. This higher tensile strength makes it optimum for coastal, marine, bridges, tunnels, high-rise, and RCC structures.

4. Corrosion Resistance

TMT bars’ quality plays an essential part, especially if you plan to construct a building in a flood-prone or heavy rainfall area. Anti-corrosive TMT steel bars lend largely-needed strength to structure.

TMT bars are built to take on the ever-challenging elements, be it the external weakening elements such as acidic soil, saline groundwater, the high moisture content in the air, etc. Selecting a TMT bar with anti-corrosive properties can do wonders for the structure. The building remains stronger for a longer period of time.

In addition, always do a thorough inspection before buying, the best TMT bar price today for anti-corrosive TMT bars will be higher than rust-prone TMT bars.

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