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Everything You Need to know About Boat Parts

by Uneeb Khan

A marine trip is an amazing experience but if the boat is fully prepared. There is no chance of damage, sudden breakdown, or slowing down the inboard/outboard performance, the loss of nuts and bolts, corrosion, low level of fuel, the high pitch of propelling, and the safety kits. All of these factors incorporate the happy journey or ruin your day. Boat parts from PartsVu has a wide variety of high-quality branded electronic and mechanical kits, fuels, oils, lubricants, boat accessories, apparel, fishing, and all boating gear to fulfill your needs.

On the seashore, the veteran captains must know about the exact functions and how to use the boat in a manageable way. But the new boater will feel nervous for the first time on the boat. This is a guide for them that will help them out with the basics of boat parts. You never feel worried when we are here for you on your boating journey.

The boating world is different so is its terminology too. That is rarely you hear from any layman who merely goes to the seashore. But there is a basic language of boating and its parts that you must know before you start your journey on the sea. Seemingly a quite different perspective or terms of boats from the left or right side has the meanings and terms. so, now let’s get familiar with the basic boat parts from PartVu with explanations.

Sides of the boat

Do you ever think about it, those boat parts have their names on the sides. The left is not called left and the right is not simply right. But in boating terminology, we say the right direction of the boat starboard side of the board. While the left is known as the port side of the boat. And most importantly the front of the boat is called the bow.

What are directions called on the boat?

If you see someone who moves front or looks front, then we’ll say forward ahead.

Front left is the direction that is off the bow. The Port is called the left while the bow is the front.

The front right is known as the starboard bow. Meaningly, you can see that the starboard is on the right side, and the bow is right in front.

Directly to the left is known as the beam to the port. Abeam is like the wide part or centerline of the boat.

The right direction is known as the beam to starboard.

The Rear Left direction will be if someone is referring to off the port quarter.

Behind the boat is aft, the direction when someone is looking toward it.

Structural Components and Basic Parts of the Boat

You must have seen the different types of boats on the sea like cruise ships, jet boats, sailboats, small boats, or others that have different names and types and have different boat parts names as well. Here we are explaining the Basics of boat parts names.

The beam is the widest part that extends with the port to the starboard.

Bilge the deep low-down area of the boat where the water collects. The bane of boaters. The big ships’ bilge becomes so thick and polluted that it does not need to be cleaned regularly. Therefore, the bilge pump is already installed to pull out the water from it.

  • The bulkhead is the partition that dissects the hull into rooms.
  • The cabin is located at the top downside of the deck which is an enclosed space. This place is used as a shelter or room for people to take rest or protect themselves from the weather.
  • The casting deck is used for fishing purposes. It is located on the deck of the boat and used for casting.
  • Cockpit the big enclosed cockpit design is open on small boats and well equipped with instruments, panels,
  • Consol is the part of the boat where the captain stands while steers.
  • Deck a smooth and large area generally used for cargo or passengers.
  • Freeboard the distance line between the waterboard and the deck.
  • The galley is the kitchen abroad type of part equipped with a stove, sinks, and other amenities for the preparation of food.
  • Gunwale is known as the top side of the hull.
  • The Head is the room that contains the shower and sink.
  • Helm is the place from where the captain controls the vessels.
  • Hull is known as the watertight body of a boat.
  • The transom is like the flat surface that forms the stern or end.
  • The waterline is where the hull and water line meet.

Boat parts from PartsVu that is offering hi-end boating products, accessories, installations, maintenance, electronic and mechanical, decking, fishing apparel, sportswear, navigation and safety accessories, and more.

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