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Factors Signifying Jordan Oreo 4 A Premium Brand

by Uneeb Khan
Jordans oreo 4

The Air Jordan brand is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable names in the annals of sneaker history.

Nike and their Air Jordans caused a stir in the sneaker culture because of their partnership with the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan.

Although the cost of a new pair of Jordan oreo 4 is currently higher than that of other types of standard basketball shoes, the true cost of a pair of Air Jordans comes from reselling older versions of the shoe.

Here are explanations for why Jordans are so lavish.

What Gives Jordans Oreo 4 Their Reputation For Extravagance? 

The Star Himself: Michael Jordan 

It’s possible that the fact that Jordans oreo 4 are named after Michael Jordan contributes significantly to their high price.

Keeping him as their spokesperson(Nike) is also a significant financial commitment.

Basketball legend and popular culture icon Michael Jordan.

In addition to Nike, Michael Jordan significantly contributes to the shoe’s overall aesthetic.

The sneakers would be a surefire hit if a famous person endorsed them.

The shoes that Jordan wears and recommends to his fans sell like hotcakes.

For some, it’s all about the fandom.

While others feel that if they buy and wear Air Jordans, they will be able to boost their own performance on the court, they will do so.

These kicks are pricier because of their celebrity status and Michael Jordan’s association with the brand.


The utilization of Air Max technology is another factor in Jordan’s 4 retro white oreo exorbitant retail prices.

Nike realized they needed to make a change after the massive success of their second set of Air Jordans.

The introduction of Air Max revolutionized the success of the Air Jordan line of shoes.

New cushioning introduced by Air Max technology in the shoe served to protect the foot from impact.

It maintained its form while remaining pliable enough to be comfortable.

Jordan himself, Michael, liked it.

Shoes require more components and better technology than regular sneakers with regular cushioning; they are more expensive.


There will always be some sort of cap on any organization’s marketing spending.

Product prices have been known to go up in tandem with advertising costs.

Marketing stunts by Nike are notoriously pricy.

Hiring Michael Jordan was the first step in this direction.

Despite this, other celebrities have frequently been included in Air Jordan ad campaigns over the shoes’ long existence.

For example, a collaboration between Michael Jordan and Spike Lee stands out.

This led to an ad for white oreo 4s that will go down as a classic. They live up to the standards set by their reputation.

Although these ads were fruitful in attracting new customers and increasing sales of their shoes, they did not come cheap.

The more money they put into advertising the goods, the higher the price.


Luxury is synonymous with Air Jordans. The term “luxury brand” is often used to describe them.

That’s because, by definition, they’re high-end footwear. These shoes are not your typical, mass-produced court shoes. Each release is the result of extensive planning and careful engineering. Each new release is distinct from the last.

To fit their unique feet perfectly, some customers even order handmade footwear.

The procedure gets more costly due to the increased attention to detail and the need for advanced engineering.

Luxury goods come at a premium because that’s what consumers have come to expect.

Final Words

The rebellious and lavish heritage of Jordans oreo 4 is enticing. Both sneakerheads and sports memorabilia fans want these shoes for their proprietary technology and Jordan-inspired design.

In light of the foregoing, it should be clear Jordans are so premium, and maybe you’ll be able to use our advice to get a better deal.

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