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Factors to Know About Whiteboard Animation Services

by Uneeb Khan
Whiteboard Animation

A Whiteboard video is a kind of explainer video. Companies use this effective tool to explain and describe their products to customers. The use of whiteboard animation makes it easier to understand the idea of a product advertisement and they intend to buy it.

Whiteboard animation is a simplistic concept of using a whiteboard and a black marker or pointer. An artist must have a creative mind to think out of the box and mesmerize viewers with their dazzling ideas. The ideas must be genuine and original. They must not use before by someone else to advertise a similar product to customers.

The concept of whiteboard animation is not new. It is an old-school traditional idea to teach in academics for years. The color has been changed from black to white and the chalk is substituted by a marker.

There has been a little transformation in these years. However, the purpose is still the same. Both of these tools are effective for explaining a detailed and comprehensive idea to the audience.

In recent years, businesses started using this technique for simplifying ideas and promoting products and services to customers. They hire an artist to draw and sketch imaginative thoughts and translate them into animation. Companies use Custom Whiteboard Animation Services to market and sell their brands to their prospective clients. The core motive of businesses is to increase their sales and profit.

Here are ten things you did not know about whiteboard animation services:

Hand Drawn Sketches

One of the things people do not know about whiteboard animation services is that they use hand-drawn artists. Artists sketch designs from their minds and use them as a resource for visitors. These designs are made by hand and use a combination of words and images. The images are moving and create a dynamic motion effect for visitors.

Artists use their terrific creative sense to think of fresh ideas and make them unique from others. They always come up with mind-blowing and mesmerizing concepts for viewers. The addition of animation leaves an impact on the target audience to watch the video with keen interest.

In-house Shooting Studio

Many leading animation houses have in-house shooting studios. They keep their studios hidden from the eyes of ordinary people. Normal people cannot have access to and reach these internal shooting studios due to being situated in the descended basement area. They equip their shooting studio with all the latest equipment.

The basement area is wide and spacious and has a lot of capacity for shooting a complete whiteboard animation video. They have a modern designed camera with all the advanced features and built-in functionalities to shoot the video recording perfectly. Companies also do their editing work there in the basement area and prepare a complete video.

Choose the Best Team of Creative Artists

The selection of whiteboard animation services is really good. They always choose the finest team of creative artists. These artists have excellent past experiences of many years that reflects in their exceptional works of art.

Companies hire these artists after having a detailed observation of their portfolio design. They are well educated with a relevant design and animation degrees. Furthermore, these artists also keep doing certifications to get along with the changing trends in the industry. Artists must have a good sense of familiarity with design tools such as adobe and Macromedia web suite. They also have a little bit of knowledge and practical expertise in hypertext markup language and cascading style sheet documents with JavaScript.

Discuss Their Animation Process

It is a core responsibility of a third-party whiteboard animation company to discuss the entire process of animation with their valued clients. They must things interesting and raise the curiosity level of customers to know every step of the process of whiteboard animation design. Third-party agencies should begin with the idea and concept of design.

The idea must always be new and distinctive from the rest of the competitors. They must have a mind-storming and brain-draining session with clients. In this session, they can distinguish their features and traits from others. Scripting and storyboarding come next. The final phase is adding sound and music to make the video worth watching and listening to for the general niche audience.

Hire the Small Team

Whiteboard animation services come with a small team. They do not require human actors and longer indoor and outdoor location shoots for hours. The only thing they need is the virtual whiteboard with a black pointer.

You can only see the visibility of an artist’s hands. They make the move so quickly and swiftly to sketch the idea that they want to narrate to customers. Due to their rapid hand movement, they give a quick clue to visitors to understand and comprehend the narrative and comprehensive video. 

Keep it Short

The benefit of hiring the whiteboard services is that they always keep their animation short. They make it easy and simple to make others understand well. Viewers can clearly understand and comprehend the nature and subject of a video.

It increases their curiosity to watch the entire video and make a firm and solid decision to buy. The drawings and sketches must be clear and concise to grab the attention of customers and convince them to purchase your product offerings.

Set the Goals

Goals are primary factors for using whiteboard animation services. You must set the goals that you want to achieve from your videos. Make your videos engaging and compelling to watch by visitors. Keep it simple to deliver your message clearly to the audience.

Transform Your Imagination into Reality

Artists and designers must think outstandingly and transform their imagination into a real-time drawing and sketching video. They must add their colors and shades to bring spice and flavor to a video to tempt the audience.


Hence, in a nutshell, these mentioned above are hidden and secret things to know about whiteboard animation services. These ideas uncover the bare importance of using this tool for businesses. It is the best way to expose your products in the market and invite people to purchase them. Whiteboard animation offers an inviting and welcoming way to attract more customers.

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