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Family Fun and Activities – YMCA

by Uneeb Khan

Children love the highly engaging, interactive simulation games that provoke a diverse range of movements of exergames.

The YMCA youth programs have long had a positive impact on the youth of the community through various engaging activities that are current and effective. The association has introduced exergame fitness equipment to their centers over the past few years. The greatest challenge that is hindering youth fitness today is the sedentary lifestyle and high intake of processed food. These in turn affect the child’s social skills and overall physical development, leading to childhood mental illnesses, juvenile diabetes, and other conditions caused due to obesity. 

YMCA has always been a positive influence on the youth and with their new  YMCA youth programs they have integrated fitness equipment that youngsters will truly enjoy. 

Some fitness technologies that YMCAs around the world have popularly adopted

Entire rooms now accommodated interactive fitness equipment for exergaming. These are modern, fun, and pique the child’s interest. Some of the interesting YMCA technology fitness is – 

Heavy Ball

The Heavy Ball is a fine addition to the YMCA technology fitness equipment with its easy-to-follow instructions and rigorous routine. To play the game, a medicine ball must be thrown into the hole of the chute that lights up. The equipment has medicine balls of various sizes, six chutes of various sizes, and a control panel. There are options to increase the speed and intensity to keep the game challenging as the player crosses each level. This is a full-body workout where the weighted ball must be dropped down the chute and then the player must squat to lift the ball again. It requires agility, concentration, and lateral movement. 


TapWall is a touchscreen panel that comes loaded with interactive games that at a time 2 players can play and makes for a great family bonding activity. Since it has a USB port, more games can be added for interactive game time. to play the game, the player has to tap various images on the screen which requires them to be mentally and physically agile. 

Beam Floor Game

Beam creates interactive virtual playgrounds that come equipped with motion sensors that will capture the player’s movements and react to them. With over 50 games, this equipment is suitable for all age groups. The beam projector will project images of games that can be created to suit specific age groups. It has a music system to give simulated sound effects and background music. This is a cardio workout exergame machine that is engaging and keeps the kids fascinated as they play on a remarkable simulation of their favorite games. 

Trailblazer Traverse

This interactive climbing equipment comes with interactive grips on a frame that can be set up as a 6-panel wall or folded to form a hexagon. The grips are easy to hold and the graphics on the wall can be customized. Children can climb upwards or around the wall as they place their hands on the interactive grips that light up to provide cues. The Trailblazer Traverse comes with three interactive games and it stimulates agility, hand-eye coordination, core body fitness, and strength. 

Railyard Obstacle Course

The railyard obstacle course has a series of platforms and tops of various lengths that can be arranged in a series with inclines, one atop the other, or in any frame or shape. It gives trainers complete liberty to design their training program with unique challenges. Obstacle courses are fun and challenging group activities and with the Railyard, children cover a complete range of movements that will strengthen their musculoskeletal mobility. It is an “age no bar” equipment, so it can be used as a fun family activity in such sessions at the YMCA.

Equipment that is suitable for all

There are many types of exergaming equipment, including the ones listed above, that the entire family can enjoy. So, if the YMCA is hosting a family event, then games and intensities can be selected where all members can have fun together as they have an exciting match.

Exergaming has been engaging and exciting among the youth who enthusiastically arrive for their training sessions and are motivated to be more active while pursuing all their interests. 

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