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Find Out How Much the Fox News Anchors Get Paid

by Uneeb Khan
Find Out How Much the Fox News Anchors Get Paid!

If you’ve ever wondered just how much the hosts the Fox News Anchors get paid, wonder no longer! We have the complete list of salaries from Fox News’s website. From Bill O’Reilly to Megyn Kelly, you’ll find out how much money these well-known anchors earn and even see pictures of them

Andrea Tantaros

Tantaros was making $120,000 a year and signed a new contract in 2011 which will keep her in front of TV screens for another three years. For now, it’s unlikely she’ll be able to demand more from another network because there isn’t a bidding war for her skills.

Salary of Fox News anchors

The Salary of Fox News anchors

As reported in Forbes Magazine, the salaries of the Fox News Anchors are as follows: Bret Baier – $8 million; Martha MacCallum – $3.25 million; Chris Wallace – $3.5 million; Megyn Kelly – $15 million and Bill O’Reilly – $20 million.

Catherine Herridge

Herridge has been a correspondent for FOX News since 2000, and an FNC correspondent from 1996 to 2000. Herridge is responsible for reporting on intelligence and national security matters, and she has covered some of the most significant events in recent years. Herridge’s experience as both a reporter and a producer gives her insight into what viewers need to know about our changing world. Herridge is married to Dr. James Cavallaro, who is also an international law expert at Stanford University.

$2 million – Bret Baier

$1 million – Megyn Kelly

$500,000 – Bill O’Reilly

$400,000 – Sean Hannity

Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo is a lawyer, news correspondent, and talk show host who has spent his time on TV in front of cameras for more than four decades. Gerald is paid an annual salary of $1 million from Fox News. Geraldo hosts his own news program called Geraldo at Large.

He also hosts a weekday radio show that airs on WABC.

In 1996 he became one of the co-hosts of Fox News Sunday.

Greta Van Susteren

Van Susteren has been a lawyer, political commentator, and television news anchor. She is currently working for MSNBC and FOX News after being fired from her post at CNN for refusing to go on air for six months due to contract disputes. Van Susteren has been very open about her struggles with alcoholism and addiction; she overcame her addictions in 2006, three years before her husband died of cancer. She is also an art collector.

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