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Accelerate your marketing with the Google Review Widget

by Uneeb Khan

Google reviews are an integral part of brands to display of authentic content. Brands embed Google review widgets to lure users toward their brand and offer valuable information coming from reliable sources. It impacts potential customers to a great extent. 

To establish a powerful image in the market among online users, it is important to understand to what extent Google reviews affect your brand. With the increasing popularity and importance of Google reviews value, brands have come up with unique solutions. 

Brands have started embedding these free Google review widget on their websites. Social media aggregator platforms like Taggbox, make the embedding process effortless. All you need to do is copy and paste the generated code into your website backend. 

These platforms offer you:

  1. Customization features with which you can change the background, add CTA, card style, update design with custom CSS, on-site uploads features, and much more. 
  2. Easy and secure connection to more in order to 20 platforms. 
  3. Moderation features where brands can eliminate any unwanted content, highlight any important content by pinning them to the top, and use the profanity filter to remove any irrelevant or explicit content from the widget. 
  4. Analytics feature to track the widget’s performance and ensure necessary advancements to keep the widget updated. 

Let’s understand the Google review widget in detail. Keep reading!

Google Review Widget and Its Advantages

The Google review widget is a tool that allows you to collect and embed relevant Google reviews on your website and other marketing touchpoints. This widget comes with many features and functionalities that help in building a strong website. 

Using social media aggregator platforms you can display the widget in many responsive, compatible, and fast-loading themes and layouts. These layouts are designed to offer a high-quality website experience. 

Let’s continue further and see the advantages.

  1. Keeps users hooked to the site

Google reviews are intriguing and fascinating, they are shared by users who have first-hand experience with the brand. They include words that are easy to comprehend and relatable to the users, unlike branded professionally customized content. 

Google review widget helps you display authentic and valuable reviews with attractive features and make the website look and feel professional with a pinch of personalization. 

  1. Builds a result-driven website 

Displaying Google review widgets on your website in a beautiful manner helps you develop an authoritative and reliable website. It depicts that the brand has transparency which ultimately builds brand trust. When information comes from a reliable source like Google, it automatically makes an impact on the decision-making process. 

The embedding review widget represents Google reviews directly on the website and removes the extra effort of checking reviews manually. 

  1. Helps find honest reviews easily 

Many times the reviews presented on the website are fake and designed for the purpose of luring customers. To avoid this practice website owners have been embedding review widgets on their websites. These widgets do not hold back or alter any information. 

They display reviews in a better manner but do not change anything that appears on Google itself. This is done to enhance the website’s appearance and make it effortless for users to find valuable information. 

  1. Improves the website’s visual appeal

Using social media aggregator platforms to develop Google review widgets offers you customization features that go beyond the pre-defined themes and layouts. Analogous to these themes and layouts are exceptionally impeccable and compatible with any website, these platforms offer you a custom CSS feature. 

With the Custom CSS feature, brands have the option to implement their imagination and flaunt their designing skills beyond the in-built features. This not only personalizes your website but all things considered attracts a lot of visitor attention. 

How to embed Google reviews on the website?

Embedding Google reviews through social media aggregator platforms is the best way to display multiple reviews in a creative manner. Here are simple steps to follow and develop amazing widgets. 

  1. Login/sign up to your account. 
  2. Connect your Google My Business account and put the credentials. 
  3. In the customization panel, design your widget as per your requirements. 
  4. Use the moderation feature to pin important information and eliminate any unwanted content. 
  5. Click “Publish”.
  6. Choose the website building platform and adjust the width and height of your widget. 
  7. Copy the code generated below. 
  8. Go to your website admin panel, and navigate to the webpage in which you want to embed the widget. 
  9. In the body section of the code, paste the copied code and tap on “Publish”. 
  10. Your widget will be live and functional on your website.

Yes, it was that easy. So what are you waiting for? Have fun exploring the features and developing various widgets that suits your website the best. 

Final thoughts!

Google all things considered appreciates websites that have transparency and use reviews, eventually, this will all things considered help you get a better SEO rank. 

Other in order to reliable information, the Google review widget also enhances the website’s look, improves website performance, and helps in retrieving exceptional results. 

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