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A Detailed Difference between React and Vue: Choose the Best!

by Uneeb Khan
Difference between React and Vue

Do you also need help finding a difference between React and Vue?

If yes, here is a complete guide for you. 

React and Vue is the core components that make the front end possible. While the former is a library and the latter is a framework, the idea of differentiating them may sound weird to you. 

But it’s not because they essentially come under the web development tools. From the general info, similarities & differences to applications built with these tools, you will find everything here. 

So, are you excited to learn further?

If yes, here is your shot. 

Ensure to move in and find everything about Vue vs. React in 2022. 

Difference Between React and Vue

Here is a table to give you a quick insight into the difference. Go through it to know more: 

First Release May 2013February 2014
SpeedNormal Smoother 
CreatorFacebookEvan You
UsageFor building interactive web and mobile applications.For creating web-based applications.
State Management LibraryMobXVueX

The first essential difference between the two web tools is that React uses JSX while Vue uses HTML templates for rendering content to Document Object Models. 

You will find that react consists of DOM manipulation, component state management, and competent architecture that provide the developers with abilities to build a dynamic solution. However, for third-party solutions, it seems challenging. On the other hand, developers find tools and create libraries while working with Vue. That proves convenient for both newbies and experienced developers. 

Examples of ReactJS and Vue.js

Wondering what applications are built while using these web development tools. Here is yet another quick table. 


Similarities between React and Vue

Not just the differences, but these web development tools also have some similarities. Move further to get insight into the parallels between React and Vue.

  • Reactive and Component Structure
  • Variety of libraries and tools
  • Virtual DOM
  • Flexibility, performance, and speed
  • Support of TypeScript
  • Backward support
  • PWA support
  • Active Communities
  • JavaScript Usage
  • Seamless version migration

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Detailed Comparison of React vs Vue

Now, let’s dive deep and learn a detailed comparison of these tools with these factors. 


Instead of using a technology that has yet to prove its worth, pick mature technology.

Do you know why?

Because immature tools can bring vulnerabilities and due to small groups having expertise, it gets problematic to resolve the bugs. 

As reactjs and vuejs have been in use since their release, you can trust them with your eyes closed. 

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Development Speed

The speed is the same unless you don’t include any additional libraries, packages, and frameworks in your digital solution. 

Also, it depends on the experience that your developers have. Development speed can decrease if your developers have the right skills and potential. 


The cost to develop a digital solution with Vue vs React is based on various factors, and it is unjustified to tell you the price if you don’t have a predefined idea of what tools, features, and technical stack you want to use. Also, ensure to know the location for which audience you want to target. 


You can create a dynamic UI while using react. In the world today, to attract users from all parts, it is essential to create an intuitive user interface. Thanks to ReactJS for providing us with the same. On the other hand, Vue lets us utilize its robust tools to develop an efficient digital solution. Whether it be about developing small or large apps, Vue is ready to beat its competition (react).

In a Nutshell!

We must recognize that ReactJS and VueJS both provide the best dynamicity. That’s why it is difficult to figure out the superior one. Because it also depends on your requirements that will be catered with the best tool possible. 

We have mentioned everything in the post. However, if you need more detail on the topic and want to read further, here is a detailed post on the difference between React and Vue. You can develop a complete insight and unveil various facets that need to be discovered. 

We hope you have liked how we have provided the information above. However, if you want to consult with the experts, get in touch with the best app development company. 

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