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How To Get More Followers on Instagram [5 Simple Steps]

by Uneeb Khan

Are you just starting on social media or simply trying to build your online reputation? You’re probably wondering how you can increase the number of followers you have on Instagram.

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The only beneficial Instagram followers are people who are interested in and interact with your company’s brand.

Step 1. Install the groundwork

Make sure you have a well-thought-out Instagram advertising strategy.

If you want to be successful on social media, you must have a strategy.

Gaining an increase in Instagram followers is an excellent start goal. However, followers alone will not create a compelling Instagram account. Your goals must fit into a more extensive plan linked to your company’s strategy and social marketing goals.

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You should consider why you would like to increase your Instagram followers. What do you genuinely want to achieve? Perhaps you’re hoping to:

Increase brand awareness

boost product sales

increase traffic to your website.

Staying focused on these business-focused objectives will ensure that you keep your Instagram profile consistent. It can help you tell an engaging brand story that entices new users and allow you to build (and save) your following.

Define your target audience

You can ask yourself some questions about the people you’re trying to reach:

Where do they reside?

What are they doing to earn money?

How and when do they utilize Instagram?

What are their most significant pain points and obstacles?

Answering these queries can aid you in creating content that will get you to know the users following your Instagram who is likely to be willing to follow.

They can also assist you in continuously delivering content that will keep your viewers engaged in the long haul.

Establish a consistent brand narrative and a consistent aesthetic

Perhaps you’d like to showcase the manufacturing process for your product. Or make your brand more human by sharing the perspective of an employee. Aspired brands could highlight the achievements or lifestyles of your clients.

Step 2. Create amazing content

Create a stunning Instagram grid

It may seem evident, but gaining more followers on Instagram is essential. Every post you put on your Instagram grid must be attractive and high-quality.

If new users come to your profile, the information should entice them to know more (and follow you).

Give the commercial photographer @nelsonmouellic a round of applause for this stunning accomplishment.

How to increase your Instagram followers: create a similar stunning Instagram grid.

Create compelling, extended captions with persuasive writing.

Instagram is a social media platform. However, good Instagram captions can help you gain more engagement and reach.

Here are some essential tips to be aware of: Place the most important words in the front. When the captions are longer than 125 characters, the user must click “more” to see the complete text. Use the first words that will prompt an additional tap.

Ask a question. This allows users to comment. This will increase engagement and your account’s visibility to many more people.

Use emoji

Emojis can add a little diversity and increase your caption’s appeal. Make sure to make use of them correctly!

Explore different lengths of captions. Our research shows that more extended captions increase engagement, while ultra-short captions can be highly effective when the images speak for themselves.

Will Tang of Going Awesome Places shares great images with precise captions that tell the image’s Story. The captions on his Insta bio say he is a “creator of ridiculously detailed itineraries and guides.” This means that this caption style is extremely in-line with the brand.

Content posted on the site is intended to be shared

Your viewers want to interact by sharing content that’s informative and stimulating. When planning your content, consider the types of content others would like to publish.

People are amazed by infographics. You can feed that love by providing the people you follow with professional knowledge. If you embed your Instagram posts into their site’s blog, your posts are exposed to an entirely new set of followers who could be interested in following you.

You can also share your posts on their Instagram Stories. The seats can be clicked, and anyone wanting to know more about the topic can go to the original post. This is another method to reach out to new audiences and followers.

For instance, here’s how a Hootsuite blog post on LinkedIn demographics appears when posted on my Instagram Story.

Step 3. Be able to locate yourself

Use appropriate hashtags to attract new users.

Unfortunately, the text in your Instagram posts isn’t searchable. However, your hashtags are. Utilizing hashtags with care is a great way to gain followers on Instagram at no cost. You could even make your hashtags with your branding.

Relevant hashtags can help users discover your posts. Instagram users can also follow hashtags. This means that your hash tagged content might appear on the feeds of users who haven’t yet joined your account.

You can use 30 hashtags or more within your Instagram posting. However, you shouldn’t go too far. Instead, you should try experiments to determine which hashtags will work for your specific account.

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 Step 4. Get involved with your local community

Follow the relevant accounts.

You should only include individuals on an Instagram post if the post is relevant to them directly. You can also follow any you admire. When you follow someone on Instagram, There’s a high possibility that they’ll check out your account and then consider following you in return.

Social listening is a great way to find influential conversations and users (a.k.a. influential people) that you can follow.

Instagram’s “Suggestions For You” section can also be a valuable source for finding relevant Instagram accounts you can follow. When you use your computer, these suggestions appear within your Instagram feed, between posts, between Stories, or on the right-hand side of the screen.

Make sure you don’t follow too many accounts at once. The ratio of your followers to you, which is the number of people you follow as a percentage of the people followers you have, is crucial for your credibility.

Do not follow people solely to draw attention to them but remove them once they’ve followed back. This is an insult and could damage your Instagram reputation.

Engage with communities already in existence

As with all social media networks, Instagram is about the communities it has built. Therefore, make sure that you’re actively participating in these spaces.

Engage by commenting, liking posts, and sharing them with other users who are trustworthy in your local community. Beware of generic comments (like “Awesome post!”) which appear to originate from bots.

Engaging with other posts can help to draw attention (and potential followers) by two methods:

You are notified when you share and comment on their posts. They can visit your profile and repay the favor.

If other people find your posts interesting or informative, they can look up your profile.

Find influencers within your area of expertise.

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