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by Uneeb Khan
Custom Mascara Boxes

Who does not like to have long, thick, and healthy lashes? Lashes are one of those facial features that are probably noticed the most when any conversation is going on. Nowadays, since everyone is trying hard to use organic and healthy cosmetic products, what can be better than a vegan and cruelty-free mascara?

People often get confused by these two terms. Though vegan mascara is exactly what it sounds like. It has products containing no animal-derived components. That means no dairy, honey, colorants derived from animals are used in its manufacturing.

Several more substances might be non-vegan. For instance, Lanolin, a wax-like material found in many cosmetic products, is derived from sheep’s wool and hence is not a vegan component. Although plant-based alternatives are now available. Stearic acid is generally obtained from animal fat and is extensively used in cosmetics and other beauty products to keep them safe from any breakage.

Under current circumstances, one can easily be able to identify these chemicals. As the procedure has now become simpler as more and more firms strive to acquire the vegan mark of certification on their goods. Ultimately making it less of a rigorous research effort for the ordinary mascara or any other beauty product buyer to know if their cosmetic product is all vegan.

Are All-Vegetarian Cosmetic Products Vegan?

Well, not necessarily. If we look at the past, when vegan targets were more prominent than vegan objectives, certain companies pursued acceptance for that. Older vegetarian certifications may just be old licenses, and the product may still be vegan after a closer examination of the contents of any specific product.

However, there are numerous examples of vegetarian cosmetics that are not vegan. Many lip products such as balms contain beeswax. Which is a vegetarian component but that does not make the product vegan.

Mascara Boxes

Organic yet No Vegan Cosmetic Products

The organic label on the products roughly indicates that items were made using substances. They are, to some extent, sustainable, devoid of specific harsh chemicals, and so on. There are several options for an organic, non-vegan component to be included in a cosmetic product. Resulting in an organic yet non-vegan product.

Companies that do not engage in harsh industrial practices such as testing goods and ingredients on animals are granted cruelty-free recognition. Several cruelty-free enterprises adhere to these guidelines while also employing animal components in their cosmetic manufacturing process.

Therefore, when we talk about vegan that does not mean that the ingredients of the product haven’t been tested on animals.  

Vegan Mascaras Are So in Trend These Days

There are so many options in the market, not only for the product itself. But the wands, puffs, and brushes they utilize as well. Different consistencies of eyelashes require mascara wands accordingly. All the specifications are generally mentioned on Custom Mascara Boxes.

To illustrate, if you have broad and curling eyelashes, consider using a large mascara wand. It will give you a wide-eyed, fluttery appearance. The broad wand is perfect for larger eye shapes, and the brush aids in lash stretching and curling altogether.

Similarly, a long, slender, fine-saw-like mascara wand is your greatest friend if you have curling, but short, or fine lashes. Metal bristles are used on some fine-toothed brushes. The bristles on this brush are small and tightly packed, allowing for effortless mascara application down to the lash roots.

Mascara Boxes

Such a toothed mascara wand extracts length and definition from short lashes. While also minimizing clumping and over-saturation to keep lashes from becoming weighted down. There is another ball-like mascara wand that is used for lashes. They are thicker at some points and thinner at others.

Do Your Lashes Appear Thin In Some Areas Yet Thick In Others As Well?

The spike-ball brush is great for scant lashes as well as individuals with exceptionally dense hairs. Those who want to comb or pick out their lashes to enhance volume, definition, and separation.

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The mascara wand with a pointed tip is designed for eyelash perfectionists. The pointy tip wand’s rounder part allows for standard straight application. But the pointed end enables easy access to difficult-to-reach places as the inner shorter lash are of the eyes.

Mascara wands are supposed to be hygienic as they are used on the most delicate part of the face. To meet this demand, companies order custom printed mascara boxes with specifications and labels imprinted on either side of the boxes. Any ingredients that might trigger and cause an allergic reaction are also labeled in bold fonts.

The actual purpose of such custom luxury packaging is to help companies build their brand image in the market and keep their products safe and firmly packed. Reverse tuck-in boxes are often used for this purpose as the mascara wands are generally elongated in shape. The coating of custom mascara boxes can either be Gloss or Matte. It has been observed that all other cosmetic products tend to use gloss coatings i.e. lip products. Mascaras usually come in an elegant and fine packaging using the matte coating.

As for the ease of the customers. The materials used for packaging should be eco-friendly and cost-effective at the same time such as Kraft boxes.

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