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Golden fork al Barsha: an heavenly destination for seafood

by Uneeb Khan
best restaurants in al Barsha

Dubai has fantastically fresh fish due to its location on the coast. And if you are looking for a fantastic seafood dinner, you have come to the right place. Here are the best seafood restaurants in Dubai, serving everything from prawns to snapper and clams to oysters.

Golden fork Al Barsha is one of the fresh food restaurants. It is well known as fine-dining restaurant that offers unique and authentic cuisine that brings back forgotten traditional flavors and home-style cooking while providing the guests with unsurpassed styles of dining experience. 

  • Explore the wide variety of food at the restaurants 

You can explore the Golden fork restaurant in Al Barsha. When it comes to dining out with your favourite people around you, look no other than Golden fork. It is a pleasure being in such ambiance. 

The food you eat to the beverages you take, all marks one of the best in town. The popularity of the food is widely appreciated all over the country as well as by celebrities who visit Dubai. The chefs at the Golden Fork make it one of the perfect places for you. The gourmet chefs strive hard to give you with one of the top most dishes. 

  • Delectable recipes cater to everyone’s taste buds

The delectable recipes cater to everyone’s taste buds. Due to the rich ingredients used in the dishes make it impeccable and tasty. Golden Fork is one of the show’s topper for foodie people. The restaurant prides on its menu being fresh and also give one of the fastest deliveries. 

What makes their cuisines so special? It is the right use of the spices and perfect blending of incredible ingredients at the right volume that makes it one of the best. They aim to offer with an incredible experience to our guests so that they keep coming for more. 

  • Unique restaurant enriched with pure farm fresh food 

A unique restaurant enriched with pure farm fresh and originated products makes it one of the specific reasons for quality, appearance and tastes. It is the quality of the fresh food items and nice and warmly behavior of the staff at the restaurant that makes the place give edge over others.  

Fresh quality food at any restaurant is the key to its reputation. It is not a difficult task to win over the hearts of the guests. Golden Fork and its staff understands how important it is to eat fresh food amidst COvid-19 pandemic.

  • Check out the menu card today for more options

The menu card consists of lip-smacking dishes such as seafood salad, fish with broccoli, fried fish, shrimp and many more. There are also availability of dishes made out of salmon teriyaki, barbeque, steaks, tikka, kebabs, grilled crabs, soups and much more. They are renowned for the seafood in Dubai. 


If you seek for one of the best restaurants in al Barsha, do not forget to visit Golden Fork. It is the food items, its aroma and heavenly taste that makes the restaurant one of the best places of visit for all food lovers. If you are a seafood lover, the restaurants offer amazing choices to pamper your taste buds. 

So, what are you waiting for, grab a plate of delicious item today!

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