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Grow order requirements with blank cardboard cigarette boxes

by Uneeb Khan

If you want to increase your tobacco cigarette order, use our perfectly shaped empty cardboard cigarette boxes. Also, you can use a lightweight craft box. We also add cardboard inserts that keep the cigarettes in shape. For more versatility and protection, you can use foam inserts too. Also, our tobacco box is easy to open and close. Also, you can use a sleeve and pre-roll packaging too to give a boost to your brand.

Custom sleeve cigarette boxes with die-cut window:

If you want to introduce a new look, you can use our custom sleeve cigarette boxes, which protect the shelf like a shield. Also, customers can look inside the box with a die and cut window. You can keep our durable foam and cardboard inserts inside the custom sleeve cigarette boxes. It can be manufactured as a mailer box for home deliveries. 

Gloss lamination is accurate for custom cigarette boxes:

Gloss lamination is ideal for cigarette box packaging. It has more glam and shine, which gives the box a majestic look. Also, it gifts a satin and smooth display to the box surface. Also, it protects the tube from water and moisture. We have a matte lamination option, too, for a decent cover. It gives a dull and dark look to the cigarette pack. Even if it looks good, gloss lamination is ideal for cigarette packaging. 

Use silver and gold foiling for custom blank cigarette packaging:

Are you looking for that primer shine that attracts the soul and mind to buy your box? Do you want to make your blank cigarette boxes the most appealing in the shop? Then apply gold foiling on the catalogue along with debossing. It looks so eye-touchy n the smooth glossy surface of your elegant cigarette box. Moreover, you can lift the text of the logo with embossing. It’s also applicable with silver and gold foil. 

Spot UV coatings for custom blank cigarette boxes:

You can also apply our spot UV coating on the specific area of the glamorous cigarette box. It works as a game changer when you customize it with our ADD-ONS. You can apply it on our gallery mattes and gloss aqueous laminations, also, with embossing or debossing. 

Make us your business partner for quick turnaround and reliable prints:

We give you one hundred, and two percent guaranteed quick turnaround; it is just because of our time-saving printing machines. You can never set yourself apart from your enemies when you run and move two steps ahead of others. Please make us your business partner and get your blank cigarette boxes with specialized printing machines before the time. We have the fastest operating tools to boost our business. 

Digital and offset printing machines:

We have offset printing machines to deliver orders within 12 days. If you are in a hurry, we can make it possible in 8 days with digital printing. If offset printing is your favourite, you must wait twelve days. Also, both are high-standard and economical. 

Key features:

Digital printing machineOff-set printing machine
·         Weak durability ·         Strong durability 
·         Business-friendly ·         Economical (a bit costly in comparison) 
·         It takes less time for colour matching than offset printing. ·         Take less time 
·         Ideal for CMYK and PMS colour schemes ·         Ideal for CMYK colour schemes 
·         Direct contact between the surface and the plates ·         No direct contact between the surface and the plates 
·         Modern printing method·         Old printing method

Get rid of shipment issues with custom corrugated boxes:

Our customized corrugated boxes are light in weight and unique in quality. It provides all the support you need for displaying your custom cigarette boxes. We measure the importance of the bulk and then add flutes for extra protection. The good thing is that these shipment boxes are available at low wholesale prices. Also, these boxes are biodegradable and come up with desired flutes.

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