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A Quick Guide to Housekeeping Jobs to Help you Make an Informed Decision

by Uneeb Khan
Housekeeping Jobs

Housekeeping is crucial to maintaining the cleanliness of private and public facilities.

A housekeeping job requires several vital skills, which include organizational skills and an eye for detail.

Hotel Housekeepers maintain cleanliness by performing routine cleaning duties in the work environment. In India, housekeeping jobs include house cleaners, room cleaners, aides, or room attendants. Besides working in hotels, housekeepers also find employment in individuals’ homes or residential facilities.

Typical tasks performed by a housekeeper include

  • Changing bed linens and making beds
  • Vacuuming carpets, sweeping and mopping floors, dusting surfaces, and cleaning lighting fixtures in bedrooms, living areas, and other parts of the home or facility.
  • Removing garbage and recycling
  • Replacing bath linens with neatly folded and artfully arranged towels, washcloths, and bath mats
  • Restocking amenities like shampoos, soaps, lotions, toilet paper, and face tissue
  • Washing dishes, cleaning coffee pots, and restocking supplies for the coffee bar, wet bar, and other food and beverage facilities.

Educational Qualification

Students who have finished their Class 12 board examination or an equivalent from a known board are entitled to a diploma in a housekeeping course. A diploma in housekeeping is a one-year course. This course provides expertise in housekeeping management by preparing students for all housekeeping and its connected process, which comprises mechanical services, ground maintenance, planning and designing services, and project management services.

Job prospects

Candidates get opportunities in resorts, hotels, restaurants, lodges, guesthouses, tours, and travel agencies. It includes jobs as linen keepers, tailors, laundry masters, laundrymen, associate housekeeping managers, executive housekeepers, and housekeeping heads. Based on their expertise and experience, the average salary for these professional’s ranges from ₹2 to 5 lakh.

Required Skills

1. Interpersonal skills.

Housekeepers work directly with clients and must carry good people skills to be successful at their job. Teamwork, flexibility, and dependability are common interpersonal skills required to perform well in their career.

2. Attention to detail.

A housekeeper must dwell on the details to be effective at their housekeeping job. From ensuring that floors and windows are clean and left streak less to organizing various household items, housekeepers must complete their tasks to the best of their ability with a keen eye for detail.

3. Time management skills.

Whether working on their own or with a small group of other housekeepers, a set number of cleanings must be completed. The ability to manage time effectively and a set schedule is a crucial skill needed by housekeepers to ensure cleaning is done on time. Punctuality with cleaning appointments and finishing cleaning in the time frame is a prerequisite skill.

4. Communication skills.

Housekeepers must communicate regularly with coworkers, clients, and supervisors to understand the duties and responsibilities of each cleaning. A housekeeper will overlook essential components required to complete a particular job or struggle to meet the client’s needs without good communication skills.

5. Customer Service.

Client satisfaction is the hallmark of a good housekeeper. Their work approval is based on the client; hence a housekeeper’s performance is based on good customer service skills that help them to excel in their career.

Various Cleaning methods

Hotel management courses teach cleaning and organizing methods in detail to perform well in their respective jobs. Most require bathrooms to be cleaned using specified cleaning products or beds to be made to a particular standard. Housekeepers in the laundry department must fold linen and iron to precise specifications. All such skills can be learned in the housekeeping diploma course as well.

Cleaning tools Types

While maintaining a guest room, housekeepers are required to use particular tools. Kits range from dust rags and mops to vacuum cleaners. They must store their cleaning carts with enough materials to avoid time wastage in retrieving items from the housekeeping division.


The idea of hospitality revolves around establishing genuine relationships with clients, offering a stellar experience in terms of authenticity, personalization, and real connections with clients. The same applies to specific housekeeping jobs in the hospitality sector.

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