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How Apple’s iPhone 14 emergency satellite service works for users

by Uneeb Khan

iPhone has a strong R&D department that works to create a better iPhone. This time with the launch of the iPhone 14 in Nov, iPhone has come up with emergency satellite service works for users. iPhone is the first phone to provide emergency satellite service to its users. You can use this feature if you get stuck somewhere and don’t have the access to a cellular or Wi-Fi network. Apple hopes that you don’t have to use this feature and yet provides you safety, in case something goes wrong.

iPhone is working with satellite telecommunications company Globalstar. The feature will access Globalstar’s network of satellites. Thus, allowing you to send text messages from the Messages app to emergency services. However, if you are enthusiastic and aim to get a degree or struggling with your dissertation then we provide Dissertation Writing Services UK for you.

iPhone 14 emergency satellite service

Messages sent using this Emergency SOS function will be shown in grey bubbles. Unlike i-Messages, which features blue chat bubbles when messaging other Apple users, or green bubbles when messaging people with Android phones. Press the SOS button and the apple will guide you further. Though in practice it is far from an easy process, Apple makes it seem amazingly simple.

Must be Under a Clear Sky

Communication satellites, as opposed to fixed cell towers, are hundreds of miles above the Earth and travel at speeds of more than 15,000 miles per hour. You must be outside and have a good view of the sky to connect to these satellites.

Only Text messages only and no voice calls

Text messaging is the only kind of communication that can be done through satellite. Sending even brief messages takes significantly longer since there are more complicated processes than with normal carriers. To lower the average size of communications by a factor of three, Globalstar has designed a bespoke short text compression technique. If you have a better view of the sky, you may send a message in less than 15 seconds.

How to summon help via satellite in an emergency?

The satellite messaging would be different than the normal message type. Once you form a link to the satellite, you will be asked a few multiple-choice questions. Those questions will allow the emergency responders to understand your situation and make specific responses. You will have to send these messages along with your emergency contact number and medical ID. It will also include your location, elevation, and the remaining battery of your iPhone. The responders may ask you several questions via messages.  However, they would have crucial information at their hands to start their rescue.

Emergency SOS via satellite cost?

iPhone has not said anything regarding the cost. It doesn’t mean there will be no cost at all, but it is unclear as there is no official statement from apple. However, the SOS satellite emergency will be provided for free for 2 years. Thus, you don’t need to worry about any recurring charges for 2 years. In contrast, Garmin charges an amount of $15 from their inReach devices for satellite services.

T- Mobile as a better Alternative for Satellite Services?

T-mobile has partnered with space-x which would use the Starlink network to beam connectivity to phones using T-Mobile’s mid-band spectrum. This feature will initially work only with messaging apps. However, both are planning to add voice and data support. Unlike iPhone, T-mobile will likely work with a lot more phones which company is selling to its users. Similarly, Verizon is working on the same thing and aiming to launch it in a few years.

Emergency SOS via satellite availability

To use the satellite emergency services you will need to have an iPhone 14 model and IOS 16 which is coming in November 2022. You will also be in a place with no WIFI and cellular network coverage. The services are only available in USA and Canada. Foreigners who have bought somewhere else may use the Emergency SOS via satellite in the USA. However, those iPhones which are bought in China, Hong Kong, or Macao won’t have the excess to Emergency SOS via satellite. Also, Emergency SOS via satellite may not work in regions above 62° latitude, such as northern parts of Canada and Alaska.

Emergency SOS via satellite and privacy

iPhone is known for its privacy and it is not going to compromise it here either. The emergency satellite service messages will allow you to send messages in encrypted form. Apple decrypts those messages and will send them further to the respondent team. The respondent teams may keep the messages to improve their services, under certain applicable laws. Also, Apple will share your location with the emergency SOS team so they can reach you. Nonetheless, all this time, Apple can easily access the information under Apple’s privacy policy.

How Emergency SOS via satellite works

Emergency SOS via satellite will only be available when there are no cellular and Wi-Fi connections available. If both the connections are not available your iPhone 14 will connect you to the satellite emergency services. The experience of satellite messaging is different than normal messaging. In an ideal condition, under a clear sky, it can take 15 seconds for the message to send. However, it can take a minute for the message to deliver around trees while under heavy foliage and other obstructions may not let you use the service of emergency satellite messages. The status and availability of the satellite connection might also impact the messaging time.


iPhone 14 models have the Emergency SOS feature which will allow you to get emergency help where no cellular and wifi connections are available. The messages will be encrypted and the satellite team will reach your location and do the rescue. Also, the cost for the service is free for the first 2 years and will allow the users of the USA and Canada to access this service only. For a better connection, you will have to stand under a clear sky which can then take 15 seconds to send the message. Nonetheless, if you are a graduate or undergraduate student and currently working on your dissertation, we can provide you Write My Dissertation Online Services UK. Free free to connect as we have the best experts to serve you at your first call.

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