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How Can Video Analytics Enhance Security, Surveillance, And Safety?

by Uneeb Khan

With technical advancements, security systems have improved a lot and become more sophisticated. Even being tedious for reviewing footage and prone to errors, video security surveillance systems have become more popular due to their functional capabilities and higher resolution outputs. As a result, managing more complex security has become more comfortable and convenient with the use of surveillance video analytics in security systems. 

What is video analytics?

Also acknowledged as intelligent video analytics and video content analysis, video analytics is a technical system for the automatic recognition of both spatial and temporal events in recorded or live videos. With the use of machine learning and algorithms, this system monitors and detects the changes in objects, subject environment, movement behaviors, object attributes, and allied others. 

How can it enhance security, surveillance, and safety? 

Video analytics or surveillance video analytics tracks and identifies several elements in a video. Further, it suggests the alteration or rotation of security staff. Here is more on what this technical system can do to improve security:   

  • Detects several movement types – Several elements and actions play a vital role in the view or review of the recorded or live camera footage. The concerned people face issues in the installation of cameras and making focused areas for the same to detect valuable details. 

With video analytics, detection of motion becomes more accurate. It makes the pick up of the targeted subject from the normal movements and allied elements more convenient. The movements or elements could be leaves and light glare. Experts can define these natural movements during the analysis.   

  • Recognises camera tempering – Usually, we come across news of the vandalisation or damage to security cameras before the happening of wrong doings. This technical solution can help you detect camera tempering and reach the culprits.    
  • Counts subjects or numbers in view Many sophisticated cameras have features like subject or number counting in motion detection. The systems with video analytics enable users to set the requisite configurations such as activity thresholds and defining focus areas for having an accurate counting of objects or persons. Further, it can help users to monitor behaviour patterns in walkways, parking areas, exits, and entrances.  
  • Detects and recognises facial features – Video analytics have a facial recognition feature. It allows security systems to pick up several faces from a video and matches the same from the respective database. Face detection and recognition takes place in real-time or during the process of reviewing recorded video. With it, security staff at a commercial setup or public place can easily detect people in several different contexts. Further, it can help to avoid having security breaches. 
  • Identifies dangerous anomalies – In a commercial setup such as a mall or big business hub, there are several threats like electric shocks, smoke, and fire. Security and surveillance systems with video analytics can spot human-made or natural disasters such as smoke and fire and alert staff by sending messages to people working there. Earlier alerts save people and buildings from having severe loss or damages.   
  • Tracks subjects automatically – In comparison with conventional systems, the video analytics enabled security systems make security staff feel convenient and ease while executing their jobs. With this system, they can keep an eye on objects, persons, or subjects of interest 24/7. As per the need, they can zoom, tile, or pan cameras on susceptible persons or objects and get alerts after crossing the boundaries.    
  • Detects both objects taken and left – Any breaches in security may lead to incidents like bombing, thefts, or traffic accidents. The time between situation detection and decision making is very crucial for security staff or officials. Security systems with video analytics can help detect the objects that are removed from the designated area. If any wrong thing happens, the system can raise an alarm and enable the staff to make a decision quickly. 


Security systems with surveillance video analytics are very useful for enhancing security at workplaces, parking areas, markets, shopping complexes, and valuable public places. They help the concerned staff to make a decision quickly with movement detection, recognition of camera tempering, subject count, facial recognition, identification of anomalies, etc. You will have a safer and more secure place to work, shop, and entertain.    

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