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How can you do the proper health check on a Golden doodle

by Uneeb Khan

It is quite necessary for pet owners to take proper care of their beloved animals. The same is the case with Golden Doodles. Dog owners need to ensure the proper health care and checkups of their beloved gods because the pets are family. You can find Red toy Poodle puppies on the net. First-time dog owners can find it quite challenging to know whether their dog is in the best of their health. There are some ways in which you can do the proper healthcare checkup of your dog. So let us get started.

1.Check the energy levels

The first and most important thing that dog owners should do is to check the energy levels of their puppies. Golden Doodles are famous for being active and smart. You need to be conscious when you observe a fall in their energy levels. If they are less energetic and lazy, you should know that their physical health is not good.

2.Check the eyes

The Golden Doodles are famous for having bright and active eyes. There should be no discharge and redness around the eyes.

3.Check the breathing

Dog owners need to check the breathing of their dogs. There should be normal breathing with no whistling sound. The wheezing and whistling can be alarming signs of respiratory tract infection.

4.Check the ears

You need to check the ears of the dog. They should have clean ears. Moreover, there should not be dirt and smell in the ear. The ears should be free of black and cellular dirt.

5.Check the body condition

Your Golden Doodle needs to have a healthy appearance. Healthy appearance includes proper physical appearance and proper weight. The dog needs to be properly nourished.

6.Check the genitals

Checking the genitals is one of the most important parts of checking the overall health of a Golden Doodle. There should be no discharge and redness on them. You can feel both genitals of a young Golden Doodle. 

7.Check the coat

The dog owners need to check the coat of the dog as it needs to be thick and shiny. Golden Doodles are famous for having a shiny and lustrous coats. There should be no big bald patches. The fur should feel to be smooth. Leaches can cause skin problems and hair loss. So you need to make sure there are no leaches in their coat.

8.Check the abdomen

You need to check the stomach and abdomen of the Golden Doodle. The Golden Doodle should not have a swollen stomach. The swelling might be caused by an umbilical hernia. So you need to get immediate veterinarian help if you feel something is wrong with your abdomen.

9.Check the hearing

Golden Doodles are famous for being the most responsive dogs. So if you feel that your dog is not responding to your sound, this can be an alarming sign of hearing loss or issues. If you want to purchase a Golden Doodle, you can search by typing poodle puppies near me

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