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How CarShield Works: Exploring the Process

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How CarShield Works Exploring the Process

Car breakdowns are more common than expected, even when extra precautions have been taken. Realizing that you have been stranded with no vehicle for several days or weeks and unplanned repair costs is not an ideal situation.

This is where Carshield steps in as a trusted confidant, offering protection against the unexpected. Carshield, one of the most well-known auto warranty providers, offers low-cost vehicle service contracts (VSC) to protect customers from repair costs.

We have provided a basic introduction to Carshield, explaining its basic function. To better understand what they do, read this Carshield review.

In this article, we will be going over the process of obtaining an auto warranty from Carshield, from selecting the right coverage plan to understanding the renewal and cancellation processes.

Understanding the Need for Vehicle Protection

Peace of mind is priceless; an extended auto warranty can provide just that. Paying the initial price of a car may seem like the only financial consideration; however, with time and use, breakdowns or system failures may occur.

An extended auto warranty is needed for many reasons, such as faulty batteries, engine issues, or brake and fuel problems.

The total cost of vehicle repairs will accumulate in the long run, and while auto warranties do come at a cost, their value comes in the form of decreasing out-of-pocket payments for repairs that are expensive.

Secondly, protection is required once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, especially if the plan is to own the vehicle longer than the warranty period, as the manufacturer’s warranty is bound to expire, depending on the manufacturer and type of warranty.

Thirdly, third-party extended warranties provide more flexibility and, in some cases, more coverage. In addition, third-party extended warranties offer several protection plans designed for customers’s needs. For example, Carshield provides seven vehicle-specific warranties depending on the mileage, model, overall condition, and repair history. In addition, with a third-party auto warranty, you can enjoy several added benefits, such as 24/7 roadside assistance, rental car coverage, and much more.

Lastly, with an extended auto warranty, you are able to make the most of the vehicle’s resale value. An extended auto warranty allows you to maintain and upkeep your vehicle throughout the duration it is in your possession, ultimately retaining its value when you decide to sell. Carshield’s auto warranties are also transferable, increasing the appeal of your vehicle to potential buyers.

Selecting the Right Coverage Plan

The most critical step in obtaining a Carshield auto warranty is choosing a coverage plan that is optimal for you. Not all vehicles and individuals are alike, making it necessary to distinguish one vehicle from another. In addition, consumers’ preferences and budgetary restrictions distinguish one customer’s needs from another. Therefore, Carshield has designed seven thorough protection plans to meet specific requirements.

For starters, examining the specifications of your vehicle is important. The make, model, mileage, and age are all considered when determining which vehicle protection plan works best for your vehicle. For instance, Carshield’s platinum coverage works best with newer cars that have higher mileage. On the other hand, the diamond coverage plan is optimal for brand-new cars as it offers comprehensive protection for most electrical and mechanical parts of your vehicle.

Carshield’s ultimate goal is to provide the specific protection your vehicle requires without the fear of overpaying or incurring additional costs.

Furthermore, if selecting the right coverage plan seems difficult, it is possible to speak to one of Carshield’s vehicle protection specialists to make an informed decision. They provide directions on which plan aligns best with your vehicle, taking all factors into consideration.

While one plan can be the best choice, factors other than your vehicle may play a role. Vehicle protection specialists understand this and select plans that may be best suited for your vehicle and preferences.

The Claim Process: How to Utilize CarShield’s Protection

Now that you have purchased an auto warranty from Carshield let’s explore the process of filing a claim. If you have encountered an issue and your vehicle needs to be repaired, Carshield has made the claim process as straightforward as possible.

If your vehicle is still running but requires repair, the process goes as follows: Drive your vehicle to any ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence)-certified repair facility. Once you have reached the repair facility, provide the service manager with your Carshield auto warranty contract. The claims department will be contacted by the service provider rather than yourself, and once the assessment of your vehicle is done and the claim is approved, the repair process commences.

Alternatively, if your vehicle has broken down in the middle of the road, contact Carshield’s roadside assistance at 1-800-859-9923 to have your vehicle towed to the nearest ASE-certified repair facility. Once there, provide the service manager with your contract, and they will contact the claims department for you.

If your repair has been approved for at least four hours, Carshield will provide you either with a rental car and up to $100 per day as reimbursement or, for engine and transmission repairs, the same benefits will be provided for up to 14 days. Carshield will also provide a $60 per day reimbursement for rideshares if a rental car is unavailable.

As for the payment of claims, Carshield’s claims administrator will provide payment directly to the repair facility. Carshield’s VSCs include low deductibles and, in some cases, none at all; therefore, the money required to pay out of pocket is as minimal as possible.


To conclude, Carshield offers reliable and affordable solutions to protect a vehicle from unexpected costs. After understanding the importance of vehicle protection, evaluating your vehicle and your current situation is essential to choosing the best coverage plan.

Luckily, with Carshield, the claims process is extremely straightforward. By getting your vehicle to an ASE-certified repair facility yourself or roadside assistance, the claims department and service manager will handle everything else for you.

Overall, choosing Carshield minimizes disruptions in your life and provides extra protection for your vehicle.

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