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How do companies solve the management problem of employee mobile phones?

by Uneeb Khan
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For companies that require sales staff or customer service staff to communicate directly with customers, especially those with relatively high turnover sales positions, many companies will equip sales staff with separate work phones to facilitate communication with customers. Work mobile phones have two main advantages: convenient management and convenient handover of customer resources when employees leave.

But work phones also have very obvious limitations. First of all, as a team administrator, you are already very busy every day. At most, you can check some chat records, but not all records. Even if a problem is detecte, the only solution is to fix the problem, and the customer has already been lost. What’s more, employees don’t delete conversation history, nor do they delete call recordings. If an employee wants to conduct a transaction with a customer privately, the recording of the call cannot be use as evidence.

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In order to meet the needs of companies in various industries for the preservation of internal or external communication content, companies can enable the conversation content archiving function to achieve internal member communication, service to external customers, and regulatory compliance.

1. Understand the work mobile phone management system

The work mobile phone management system is a tool that can help companies supervise employees’ work mobile phones. It can help companies supervise employees’ work mobile phones and ensure that employees’ behavior complies with the company’s rules and regulations and information security requirements.

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2. Set rules for using work mobile phones

Setting clear usage rules is key to regulating employee phones. Enterprises should clearly define what behavior is allow and what behavior is prohibite. For example, it is prohibite to share work-related information with unauthorized persons, prohibit non-work-related chats during working hours, etc.

3. Implement supervision

Using the work mobile phone management system, companies can monitor employees’ social behavior. For example, view employee conversation logs, check shared files and links, and more. If violations are discovered, companies can promptly correct them.

4. Provide training

In order for employees to understand and comply with the rules for using mobile phones at work, companies should provide training. Training should include rules for using mobile phones at work, how to abide by those rules, and the consequences of noncompliance.

5. Regular review

Enterprises should regularly review the effectiveness of their work phone management systems to ensure that employees comply with work phone usage rules. If there are problems with the system or violations by employees, the company should make adjustments and handle them in a timely manner.

Through the work mobile phone management system, enterprises can effectively supervise employees’ work mobile phone usage behavior, improve information security, and at the same time improve employee work efficiency.

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