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How do I fix a slow download speed on Steam?

by Uneeb Khan

Are you facing issues with the steam download then welcome to the blog as you are at the right spot here in this blog you are going to know about the fixes you can try when you are not able to use steam download properly and are dealing with steam download slow and stop. 

So, without any delay let us begin with the process so that the users do not need to face any problems and errors with the same. 

Well, the first thing the users need to see is the criteria depending on which they are selecting a server for steam download as if it is not good enough then you will not be able to use it properly. 

How to pick a Good Server for the Fastest Steam Download – 

  1. The users must see the server location as the far the server is will create issues for you while downloading content. 
  2. Another thing the users must do is the status of the server for example if your server is a highly active server then it is for sure that you will be dealing with the loading issues. 
  3. You should also once go for steam download slower than speed test so that you would not regret later on that you did not test the speed of the server. 

Ways to Fix the Issue of Slow Steam Download for the users –

1. Clearing up the Cache Files

The first thing the users can try is to clear up the cache files which are there in the browser they are using and which might also be a reason which is making steam download speed slow

  • After you are on steam you need to visit the settings option and then from there you need to press the download tab. 
  • Now you need to visit the clear download cache and press on it before a new window appears and you have to hit the ok button. 
  • Now you can log in again with the login details and you will see that the problem has been fixed for you. 

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2. Changing the Bandwidth Limit 

Bandwidth limit might be another issue because of which you are facing the issues as this might be responsible for steam download slow so let us proceed to see the steps to change the limit of the bandwidth. 

  • After you are on steam you need to go to the settings tab. 
  • In the settings tab go to the download tab and then from there you have to go to the tab of limit bandwidth to drop the menu. 
  • Now in this option, you will see that there is an option for you to set the limit to no limit and you need to do this and press it and once after doing this you need to press the ok button.
  • And now you can resume your download as you will face no issues now and you can go with the download smoothly and properly. 

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