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How Long Can a Dog Go Without Food

by Uneeb Khan

How long a dog can go without food is a question that many dog owners have. This can be influenced by a number of variables, all of which will be covered in this article.

Although it’s always recommended to speak with a vet before making any dietary adjustments for your dog, stay reading for some important considerations.

How long can a dog without Food

Petnursey says: The age of the dog, its physical and mental health, and its level of hydration all play a role in the response to this question. In general, most dogs can go three to five days without eating without experiencing any major issues.

One of the key determinants of how long a dog can go without food is age. If dogs go even a short time without eating, they are more likely to develop issues, especially with puppies and older canines. They are more prone to disease and have weakened immune systems as a result.

Another key aspect to take into account is mental wellness. Your dog can stop eating if it’s stressed out or anxious. Changes in the home, the arrival of a new pet or child, or simply a routine shift can cause this. If you suspect stress is the cause of your dog’s inappetence, make sure their environment is tranquil and pleasant.

Finally, a dog’s appetite may also be influenced by physical health. Your dog might not feel like eating if it is ill or hurt. Furthermore, some medicines have adverse effects that make it challenging for dogs to eat.

In these situations, it’s crucial to keep a careful eye on them because a considerable weight loss could indicate other, more serious health problems. Make sure they are getting enough water and are not displaying any other symptoms of illness. For advice, if you’re worried, speak with your veterinarian. To avert any underlying health issues, they can advise having your dog undergo a checkup or blood test.

What Could Be the Cause of a Dog Not Eating?

Knowing how long it takes for a dog to starve, it only seems reasonable to examine some of the possible causes of your dog’s possible lack of appetite. Here are a few typical explanations:


Your dog may reject its food if it contains an ingredient to which it is allergic. Allergies can also produce nausea and stomach pain in addition to appetite loss.

Dogs with neck pain may not want to eat because moving their head or neck hurts. This might be brought on by rheumatoid arthritis, strained ligaments, or even a slight injury.

Numerous factors, such as motion sickness, illnesses, and particular drugs, can contribute to nausea. Your dog might not be hungry if it is feeling sick.

Diabetes: In addition to causing weight loss, this can also lead to increased thirst and urination. If your dog has diabetes, it might require special care, including a special diet and medicine to control its blood sugar levels.


Because they don’t feel well, dogs with illnesses may not feel like eating. Bacteria, parasites, and viruses can all cause infections.


Dogs who are agitated or anxious may also refuse the food. This could be brought on by stress, phobias of loud noises or separation anxiety.


This condition may be brought on by allergies, infections, or specific drugs. Because of its sensitive stomach, your dog with gastritis might not feel like eating.

Dental issues: This one should be evident. Plaque accumulation, tooth decay, and gum diseases like gingivitis can all lead to dental issues. If this is the case, it will require medical attention from a veterinarian.

No matter what health issues your dog is dealing with, it’s critical to closely monitor its behavior. Make an appointment with your veterinarian if you’re worried about your dog’s lack of appetite. They will be able to assist in identifying the issue’s root cause and delivering the necessary care.

How Do I Get My Dog to Eat Once More?

Are you looking for some tricks to get your dog to eat again? When your pet stops eating, it can be very upsetting, but there are a few things you can try to get them back on track.

Making their meal taste better will encourage them to eat more of it. To begin, fill their food bowl with some boiled veggies, warm water, or chicken broth. Any dish will become more flavorful and enticing as a result of this. Adding some canned pumpkin would also work; most dogs adore it.

Your dog could occasionally go on a hunger strike if their typical meal is no longer effective for them. It might be worthwhile in these situations to try an entirely different kind of food. If you decide it’s time to take this step, you can choose from our top-rated dry dog food options or—if your dog likes it—the selection of our greatest canned dog food.

Before making any significant dietary changes for your dog, be sure to speak with your veterinarian.


Can a dog go for how long without food?

Dogs can go three to five days without eating. However, it is not advised to go without eating for longer than two days since it may cause health issues. Since dogs often eat twice daily, being without food for one or two days is usually not a problem. However, consult your veterinarian if your dog goes for more than two days without eating.

A chihuahua can survive without food for how long?

Despite being among the smallest dog breeds, chihuahuas can go just as long without eating as any other breed. Chihuahuas can typically go three to five days without eating.

Main Points?

How long can a dog go without food, then? On average, three to five days could result in famine.

During this period, it’s crucial to watch after your pup and make sure they don’t become dehydrated by giving them enough of the water to drink. Take your dog to the vet right away if you suspect that he isn’t acting like himself normally. In order to tempt them, you can also try a diet modification or add some new things to their bowl. Ensure that whatever you provide them is healthy for dogs and won’t harm them.
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