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How Medicinal Chemists Powers Drug Discovery & Development?

by Uneeb Khan

Medicinal chemists have an integral role to play in drug discovery summits, and global summits company discussions have shown that an experienced chemist can reduce the time of discovery while checking more probabilities of compositions and their positive outcomes.

Drug discovery is a time-consuming and expensive process in the pharmaceutical industry. This process includes several activities, such as support services and supply chain. This process has various phases, each requiring an expert medicinal chemist. Let’s see how medicinal chemists power drug discovery and development. 

What is Medicinal Chemistry?

Medicinal chemistry includes pharmacology, chemical biology, and medicine to provide efficient drug discovery. Global summits, company discussions, and meetings of pharmaceutical company leaders have concluded that medicinal chemistry and the latest technology are the backbone of all research for medicines and treatments of various diseases. Medicinal chemists work for a particular pharmaceutical company or provide freelance services to multiple companies and help with drug discovery and development. 

Drug Discovery and Development

Drug discovery and development is an essential step before the production o medicines to ensure that the best quality and most effective drugs are made and reach the patients on time. It has numerous phases, including the discovery, preclinical, and early, mid, and late-stage development phases. Drug discovery summits aim to create safer and more effective medicines for patients. This process requires knowledge of molecules and how some elements can help or impact various life processes.

Medicinal chemists modify bio active molecules from natural sources like botanical and then use them in multiple compositions. Due to technology, drug discovery and development have changed drastically in recent years, and new methods have become part of the various phases. However, all these changes have made the drug discovery process faster and more accurate. 

The Role of Medicinal Chemists 

Medicinal chemists use their knowledge of synthetic chemistry, biology, and medicinal chemistry to study molecules and create combinations for clinical development. These chemists do not only work during the discovery phase but lead the process till the end and conduct human trials to see the effects of medicines. There are various FDA and GMP standards that medicinal chemists follow to ensure that the medication is safe for use and will remain effective.

Many pharmaceutical companies outsource analytical chemistry services, but the role of medicinal chemists is still the same, even if a third-party chemist handles drug discovery and development.  

Another part of a medicinal chemist’s duties is to use purification chemistry to make changes to the molecules so that the end product meets the requirements of the regulatory bodies. Nowadays, vaccines and biosimilars for cancer, diabetes, and arthritis treatments are made, and they require the work of purification chemistry, which an experienced medicinal chemist can provide. 

Ways In Which Medicinal Chemists Power Drug Discovery

Medicinal chemists contribute in the following ways:

Lead Compound Discovery

Medicinal chemists use classical combinatoric chemistry to go through the enormous amounts of potential compounds to find successful combinations. These chemists can guide teams of researchers with their expertise to ensure the outcome is most effective. 

Compound Synthesis

Synthetic procedures can be integrated into drug discovery to create compounds to help drug formation. Medicinal chemists make use of legacy reactions to generate similar compounds that help with the treatment of diseases. Compound synthesis is becoming popular, and many pharmaceutical companies are venturing into more research for this. 

Compound Design

Design of compounds after synthesis is a vital step, and medicinal chemists have to ensure that this process is completed with care and expertise. Chemists help to balance and combine the competing parameters. The biological function and structure are the factors that must be considered, and this is where the medicinal chemist’s expertise comes in. 

Discovery and selection of targets

A target can be in many biological forms, such as proteins and genes. Medicinal chemists discover targets by data mining, establishing correlations, and genetics associations. Data mining means the ‘digging up’ of all knowledge shared in previous research that is published and offers much information. Moreover, the chemists check compounds and establish correlations with disease progression. Lastly, these chemists look for links between genetic elements and disease progression. 

Last Words

Medicinal chemists power drug discovery in several ways and must be part of the process until the end. There are many parts of the drug discovery process, and the global summits company discussions have explained these processes and the role of chemists in each of them.

If a medicinal chemist works with a particular pharmaceutical or offers services as a third party, the duties and requirements will remain the same. The expertise and experience of a medicinal chemist can reduce the time of drug discovery, and the outcomes can be more successful. Now that technology and science have advanced, there are numerous ways in which chemists can use different methods to ensure better drug discovery.

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