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How much does an auto mechanic earn?

by Uneeb Khan

An auto mechanic is a specialist in his field of activity. His job is to repair cars of various brands. He must find defects in them and correct them, sometimes changing the internal details if it is so necessary for the client. There is not a single motorist who has not met such a specialist in his life. Therefore, the question arises of how much an auto mechanic earns. This is worth talking about.

What affects the income of an auto mechanic? ربح المال من الألعاب

To find out how much an auto mechanic earns in Pakistan, you need to find out what factors can influence this. They look like this: 

Skill level. 

The first thing that affects how much an auto mechanic earns in Pakistan is the qualifications of such a specialist. If he has education or understanding of a large number of car brands, then he can earn big money and will always be in demand.

Work experience. 

Of course, the salary of a car mechanic is also influenced by his work experience. The higher it is, the greater its income and vice versa. بطولات كريستيانو مع المنتخب

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The vast majority of employers, regardless of the chosen field of activity, do not want to bother with beginners, therefore they are ready to pay more money to experienced specialists.


As usual, this profession has a regional multiplier. If an auto mechanic works in Islamabad and Lahore, then he can receive much more money than in the case of the regions.


The more prestigious it is, the higher the cost of their services, and as a result, this affects the wages of employees.

Several clients. 

The last thing to mention is the dependence of income on customers. The more of them, the higher the salary.

Based on these criteria, you need to conclude how much an auto mechanic earns.

auto mechanic earnings

The average salary of a car mechanic in Pakistan is 52,000 rupees per month. The following cities pay the most money:

  • Karachi – 80,000 rupees
  • Multan – 75,000 rupees
  • Peshawar – 71,000 rupees 
  • Lahore- 68,000 rupees
  • Islamabad – 64370 rupees 
  • Faisalabad- 62,000 rupees
  • Gwadar – 61,590 rupees 

Such wages are offered to those who have experience in the chosen field of activity and are ready to work hard. Sometimes, in popular and wealthy salons, they pay from 100 thousand rupees and more. However, it takes a lot of effort to earn that kind of salary.

A novice specialist who does not have relevant work experience can earn only 25-30 thousand rupees. لعبة اونلاين Over time, income can be increased. Therefore, in this field of activity, there is always where and how to develop. In the future, such specialists will only earn more.

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