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How to change your car’s look with a painting of the Rims

by Uneeb Khan

If you have had an old car for several years, it’s time to change its look and feel. But you can’t afford to buy a new car or if you don’t want to change the bodywork or color of your car, the wheels are a good place to make some changes without having much cost or effort. You can do it by painting the rims with different colors that reflect your personality and style, giving your car a more attractive appearance while staying within your budget.

What type of vehicle is suitable for rims painting

Any kind of vehicle that has rim can be painted. The color and brand can be changed as well. It is important to find the best painting company in order to get great quality results. The paint is done using 3-stage process: varnishing, painting and polishing. First, the body will be sanded, sanded and polished so that the new paint achieves best result. Next, any parts must be dismantled before the paint can be applied on them.

The materials required

Car Painting is a way to change or repair the actual paint on your car. Before you can apply any paint, you must first prepare it by sanding and varnishing the surface. If you are painting over rust then additional work will need to be done, such as removing and replacing the rust-affected metal. You will also need various paints and brushes, depending on what color you want. The most common colors for painting cars include black, silver, gold and blue. The easiest part of painting of car is applying the top layer of gloss which seals in the paint and gives it that shine that makes people jealous when they see you drive past them in your new masterpiece.

Tools needed

You will need paint, sandpaper, varnish, brushes and some other tools. First you need to remove any parts from your vehicle that are in the way of painting. After this you can sand down the body and polish it up before applying a coat or two of varnish for protection. You then paint on the design, making sure not to go over any corners or edges so that there is no chance for mishaps. If you want a more durable finish, apply another coat of varnish to the entire surface afterwards. There are also many pre-made decals available at any auto supply store if you don’t want to bother with making one yourself. If done correctly, anyone looking at your car should be able to tell what kind of animal you were going for!

Work steps

  1. The car must be cleaned and have any rust or other imperfections removed before being sanded, sanded and polished. 2. The wheels are prepared for painting by using an abrasive wheel on them to remove any rubber from the surface. 3. A primer coat is then applied, followed by two layers of paint and one layer of clear coat. 4.


If you are considering changing the appearance of your vehicle, and don’t want to invest in new wheels or tires, a rim painting is an option. There are many different colors and designs you can choose from for this service, which will allow you to personalize your vehicle without having to buy anything extra. Painting of rims is also relatively inexpensive, as it typically costs around $60 per wheel. This service can be done at any automotive paint store that specializes in painting vehicles.

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