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How To Choose Artificial Grass For Different Areas

by Uneeb Khan
Artificial Grass For Different Areas

Unquestionably, the best and most used replacement for natural grass is artificial grass. Over the last few years, there is an ever-increasing demand for artificial grass because of the endless benefits offered by it.

Not to mention that artificial grass is versatile in terms of functionality meaning it can work with a wide variety of environments namely patios, decks, gardens, lawns, roofs, pool sides, etc. And, when choosing artificial grass either for residential or commercial use, one must look for an option that is durable, resilient, looks attractive, and can last for a longer period.

All these features of artificial turf are determined by the pile height, face weight, thatch, infill, and many more aspects of artificial grass. Apart from all this discussion, choosing artificial turf for different areas means thinking about different dimensions of the practicality of that particular area or space.

Choosing Artificial Grass For Different Areas

As mentioned above, synthetic grass is versatile and can be installed in gardens, rooftops, yards, patios, decks, pool sides, and playgrounds, and this versatility accounts for its day-by-day increasing usage.

However, all these spaces have different requirements and require choosing the type of fake grass accordingly. We’ve explained below the important features that should be looked upon when selecting fake grass for a specific area.

1. Synthetic Grass For Lawns

If you’re looking forward to installing artificial turf on your lawn, then the most basic reason for this shift can be the need to mow, weed, or water the grass. In short, you can say that quality artificial grass requires less maintenance than its natural alternative.

And, this accounts for what you need to consider when choosing synthetic grass for your home lawn. Always buy premium quality grass with fibers strongly adhered to the surface so as to avoid any patchy areas from appearing after some time of usage.

Also, make sure that your artificial grass is highly durable and extremely resilient that can easily stand up to the wear and tear from extensive daily usage.

In this regard, your primary reason for choosing fake grass should always be prioritized which can be to make your lawn look attractive and symmetrical, thus leading you to focus more on the appearance of artificial grass.

2. Fake Grass For Rooftops

Your rooftop is exposed to the damaging UV rays of the sun all the time. This exposure to direct sunlight for a prolonged period can degrade the artificial grass material, thus reducing the lifespan of your valuable investment. Hence, your synthetic grass fibers will ultimately fade and lose their shape and strength making them look unattractive and irregular.

Therefore, when considering artificial grass for rooftops, your primary concern should be to look for an option that’s UV-stabilized and offers resistance to fading. Not to mention that all other features like durability, appearance, etc should also be considered and are of secondary importance.

3. Artificial Turf For Pet Animals

Artificial grass manufactured using low-quality, harmful materials can pose a danger to the health of your pet, thus making them sick which can even lead to fatality in certain cases. To avoid such an outcome, you should look for artificial grass with a label indicating “safe for pets”.

Besides, you can pose a simple question regarding the health and safety of your animals with synthetic grass to the store owner, thus eradicating this concern once and for all. This way, you can choose artificial grass that’s free of lead, cadmium, and other harmful substances.

Apart from the health concerns for animals, improper drainage can pose problems for the cleaning of animal waste and urine on the surface of your artificial grass. Therefore, you should also take care of this aspect when choosing artificial grass if you’re a pet owner.

4. False Grass For Playgrounds

Nowadays, many schools, nurseries, and other commercial institutions are choosing artificial grass. If you’re buying synthetic grass for one such purpose, then your prime concern should be durability, safety (non-slip backing), and cost of the artificial grass as playfields comprise a large surface area.

Hence, you need to consider the quality of the materials to help fulfill your playfield requirements. Not to mention that you should opt for an option featuring anti-slip properties so as to benefit from added safety. Besides, the overall expenditure should also be preferably estimated before making any decision.

5. Synthetic Turf For Sports Venues

In addition to the durability, you need to consider the appearance (color) and fiber shape of the artificial grass as well. Because tennis courts and hockey pitches can look best with short, regular, and densely curled fake grass fibers whereas football fields or rugby grounds can make the best use of artificial turf with a little bit longer pile height.

However, you should always make sure that the pile height should not be too long because this can adversely affect the hard-wearing property of artificial grass, thus making it incompatible with such high-usage surfaces.

6. Fake Grass For Swimming Pool Surrounds

The first and foremost aspect that should be considered when choosing fake grass for use around a swimming pool or spa is to take notice of whether the water is chlorinated. Because prolonged exposure to chlorinated water can damage and discolor the fake turf fibers, thus making them look unappealing and rough.

A simple yet helpful solution to this problem is to layer a chemical-resistant product over the surface of the artificial grass to minimize the risk of damage by chlorinated water. Also, you should keep in mind the slip and fall accidents near the poolside and therefore opt for artificial grass with a deeper pile.

In The End

Artificial turf is a great and useful alternative to natural grass, only if installed properly and maintained on a regular basis. However, choosing artificial grass for different areas requires you to consider certain features accordingly so as to secure your investment and make it last longer. In this article, we’ve provided you with some valuable information on choosing artificial grass for rooftops, yards, lawns, pets, playgrounds, sports venues, and swimming pool surrounds.

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