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How to Choose the Perfect Hoodie? A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you wearing the wrong hoodie? You probably are, and you don’t even know it. So, to prepare for the fall, let’s review the best hoodies you need in your wardrobe. First, we talk about How to Choose the Perfect Hoodie: A Comprehensive Guide so that you may know about having one of the best hoodies available, and for a good reason. They’re soft, comfortable, and have the perfect silhouette; you can’t really ask for more in a hoodie. We have these in several different colors, including dark green and cream. We can tell you right now I’m probably getting a lot more. 

6 Tips to Choose the Perfect Hoodie

1.     Zip-Down Hoodie: A Cool Choice

We love the FOG Essentials hoodies because, typically, most people only wear blanks, but a zip-down hoodie is a good switch and pace. So you could dress differently for most guys out there. That being said, it’s not going to make you stand out a ton, but it’s still something casual that you could wear in your outfits, especially because this one’s more versatile. You can layer it with this or wear it by itself. You can leave it zipped or completely unzipped.

Why do Wearers Prefer It?

Wearers normally wear these only when they are dressing differently, and We mean very casually, meaning if we are going out with some friends, nothing too crazy, or We just want to be laid back and comfortable so we can go with a zip-down hoodie.

2. Work on Preference and Personal Choice

Granted, We really don’t own many of these, and if We do get them, it’s probably going to be in the color grades because when you think of a zip-down hoodie, We think of it in the color gray. The most popular zip-down hoodie is the Nike Tech, so if you want that one, I recommend that more. The one that We have is from New Balance.

3. New Balance Hoodie

 When people think about New Balance, they typically don’t think about apparel, but WE can tell you New Balance is a good spot for some hoodies. That being said, You can also own another one from New Balance; this one We typically wear when you work out.

4. Overview with Comparison and Preference

We are mentioning this one sparingly because when it comes to these kinds of hoodies. We prefer them with no drawstrings. But if you’re into the drawstrings look, this one might be a good option. However, these have held up nicely for about two years now, so again, they are pretty good for the price. Another good switching pace is going to be a graphic hoodie, which, in our opinion, is wildly underrated. For those of you who like graphics, you typically only think of graphics in the warmer seasons.

5. Graphics and Signature Hoodies

So yes, you can achieve that same aesthetic, but in the colder seasons. So, what’s the most popular thing in the warmer seasons? Cargo and a graphic tee. In a discussion on Personal Preference, we have a Fear of God Essentials one. When it comes to graphics, we prefer the car graphics. This one’s from Hollister.

6. Comfort and Casual Setting

 It’s extremely soft and a good fit, so it is very comfortable. Again, you can wear a Kangaroo pocket in a very casual setting, mostly when going out with friends, just keeping things relaxed. And this graphic hoodie gets some compliments if you’re looking for the same thing.

Essentials Hoodies

This is one of the Hours next is Essentials, this is the next one, but they do have them in colors. We honestly like both of them. For those who are nerds and like the fabric, Fear of God Essentials is the passport to having quality hoodies in your wardrobe collection.

Hours Hoodie Collection: A Haven for Hoodie Enthusiasts

The next brand we are going to mention here is Hours Collection. This one is one of my favorite spots for blanks, especially the hoodies. Another perfect silhouette is very comfortable, and our favorite part is the colors. So instead of just picking up green or blue—we don’t know why, but no other color seems to pop into my head—instead of just picking up flat colors, they have different tones. So they have forest green, navy blue, something like a dark gray. These are regularly favorite colors to wear in hoodies, so Hours Collection has some of the favorite color palettes.

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