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How to Choose the Right Life Coach Certification Program

by Uneeb Khan

Taking a life coach certification course is a great way to jump-start your coaching career. However, there are some important factors to consider before you enroll in a program. These factors include cost, ICF accreditation, and length of the course. Here are some guidelines for choosing the right training program for you.

ICF-accredited programs

If you are interested in becoming a life coach, you should look for a program that is accredited by the ICF. This credential reflects industry standards and best practices. ICF-accredited certification programs also provide ongoing support to their students. They have flexible curriculums that allow you to customize your training to fit your schedule and interests. For example, you can choose to take a three-day telecourse or a six-day intensive face-to-face training.

A credential from an ICF-accredited program is a great way to prove your coaching skills. Many life coaches work part-time or freelancing, finding their own clients. In addition to demonstrating your professional credentials, you will become part of a global network of ICF-accredited professionals.

Certification programs are available from a variety of sources, including ICF-accredited programs, Express Coaching, and Udemy. The cost of an accredited program varies depending on the purpose of the certificate. The cheapest option will cost you just shy of seventy thousand dollars. You can also choose to get your certification online by completing a certificate program for under $995. You will learn the ICF Core Competencies, how to market yourself as a coach, and key coaching strategies.

Non-accredited programs

Non-accredited life coach certification programs are available in many different fields. They include social services, education, fitness, and speaking. These programs are intended to establish credibility and increase the value of services offered by professionals in the field. These programs will help future coaches develop a practical skill set and develop tools that will enable them to help clients. They will also teach them how to develop effective communication skills.

When choosing a life coach certification program, take the time to look into the qualifications and training of the instructors. While non-accredited programs are not illegal, it is always best to opt for a program that is accredited by the International Coach Federation. This professional organization sets standards for certification programs and provides continuing education for its members. Non-accredited programs can pose a significant risk for aspiring life coaches.

Non-accredited life coach certification programs are cheaper than ICF accredited programs, but they don’t include ICF accreditation. ICF stands for International Coaching Federation and is the main credentialing body for coaches. The ICF aims to help coaches build their credentials by reviewing training programs and certifying them.

Course length

Life coach certification courses vary in length, but there is typically a core curriculum and elective modules. Most courses require 350 hours of study, with the exception of a three-day intensive. In addition to coursework, some courses also offer marketing training or other business development tools. There are a variety of benefits to becoming a certified life coach.

The course can be as short as a weekend intensive or as long as two years. In general, most people who want to become certified life coaches choose a course in the middle range. Some programs may have two-year requirements, which is equivalent to graduate school. Regardless of the length, however, you should expect to invest about four to five hours per week in the program.

The duration of a life coach certification course will depend on whether the program is primarily online or offline. Regardless of the type of learning format, there is one thing to keep in mind: the program should be comprehensive and include a mentor coaching component. The Mentor Coaching Course involves seven hours of group mentoring sessions and three hours of one-on-one sessions.


The cost of a life coach certification program is usually quite expensive. You can expect to spend anywhere from $975 to $16,500 for the required classroom hours. Some programs offer additional services such as mentoring and business development opportunities. The cost of a program varies depending on the school and the type of certification you wish to obtain.

The ICF offers three different levels of certification. The Professional Certified Coach certification requires at least 500 hours of paid experience. After completing this training, you must pass a test proving your skills. You will also need to obtain a business classification. These fees are different in each state. You will also have to pay ongoing fees for business licensing in the state you are incorporated in.

The ICF has two accredited life coach certification programs: an online, blended, and an in-person program. The courses generally require 180 hours of study, mentorship, and other valuable resources. The total cost of the program is around $13,400. Of this, $500 is a nonrefundable deposit and the balance must be paid one month before the program begins. Students can also opt for a payment plan, if they wish to pay over a longer period.

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