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How to Clean 10k Gold Grillz

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For the longest time, gold has been at the top list of symbols signifying wealth and prosperity. In the same way, nothing beats gold when it comes to the custom Grillz world. The advantage of gold Grillz is that it is durable if adequately taken care of. Just like your ordinary teeth require regular cleaning to look appealing, gold Grillz also needs to be cleaned to achieve that fun, flashy fashion. If not correctly taken care of, they can give bacteria good breeding ground, and as a result, you can have bad breath, cavities, or even sore gums. For that reason, you need to learn how to keep the Grillz clean.

Cleaning the custom Grillz will only take you a few minutes and is straightforward as outlined below;

Step 1

You cannot wash the Grillz while it’s still in the mouth and so the first thing you need to do is remove it. After firing, consider rinsing it off with some warm water. Then, brush using a moistened, soft-bristled toothbrush and gently scrub any foreign material lurking along the surface. Cleaning gently helps eliminate the germs and bacteria that have accumulated over time.

Step 2

After brushing, take a clean glass and fill it with hydrogen peroxide. Put your Grillz in the mirror with the hydrogen peroxide solution and soak it for 3-5 minutes. Afterward, rinse thoroughly using warm water to ensure no traces of hydrogen peroxide solution are left on the gold Grillz. If the solution does not clear entirely, gently scrub it while rinsing to make sure it clears completely. Then carefully pat the gold Grillz dry with a non-abrasive cloth. If you do not have access to hydrogen peroxide solution, you can use mouthwash as an alternative.

Step 3

It is recommended that you shine your Grillz from time to time using a non-toxic gold cleaner treatment. The treatment manufacturer will always give you instructions on how to use the cleaner. Following the guidelines issued by the manufacturer, rub the mouthpiece in the cleaner using the soft-bristled toothbrush. Afterward, buff and polish the Grillz using a soft piece of cloth, moving it in circular motions. Finally, rinse it properly to make your gold Grillz look brand new.

Taking good care of your gold Grillz is not tricky, and it is beneficial in countless ways. Besides ensuring that the accessory stays in good condition, cleaning provides the Grillz servers with you for a more extended period. Since they are a serious investment, you need to take extra care when handling them so that they can last for many years. Giving them a proper clean will ensure you achieve that bright, flashy smile. To maintain a shiny and radiant appearance, you should consider washing your gold teeth after every wear.

Bottom Line

Some risks are associated with wearing your Grillz for weeks without cleaning them. They can damage not only your teeth but the gum as well. Developing cavities and having swollen and painful gums due to inflammation are some of the health risks that arise from unclean Grillz. To escape such tragedies, ensure you prioritize cleaning your gold Grillz after every wear, and do not forget to polish it with a quality gold cleanser once in a while.

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