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How to convert a word files to pdf?

by Uneeb Khan

PDF is a universal file format that ensures the formatting as well as layout on all operating systems including Mac, Linux and computer systems, etc. Generally, PDF is a more secure file as compared to other file formats and easily manages to have a small size. On the other hand, MS Word is a popular file format that is used to save documents since it is dully easy to work on Microsoft Word. But sometimes people need to convert MS word to PDF file format to edit and share the file on different platforms. In this article, we explained some online Word file to pdf converters that are available on the internet and how to convert an MS word file to PDF with these converters.

Remember That!

Always make a choice with Word document to PDF converter which preserves the original quality and layout of the document. This is where we convery humble thanks to a free Word file to PDF converter by theonlineconverter.com that mainly designed to provided you with precise Word document to PDF conversions.

HiPDF – Word to PDF Converter Online 100% Free

HiPDF is one of the best software due to its unique features that allows its users to proceed with conversions from Word file into PDF files. It provides you an online Word file to PDF converter to transform doc or Docx file to PDF file format in just a few clicks. HiPDF is an easy-to-use software, just upload the doc file you like to convert and then make a click on Convert.

This software has a user interface that is friendly so there are no restrictions on the number of files that can be converted. Once the conversions do, your files are deleted permanently from the server.

How to use the MS Word to PDF converter online free with HiPDF:

Step 1:

First of all, upload your Word document to the designated box of the converter. .

Step 2:

HiPDF will upload the file quickly.

Step 3:

Once the uploading is complete, you need to click on the Convert button.

Step 4:

Wait for conversion, then click Download to save your files.

Zamzar Doc to PDF Converter Online

Zamzar is an ideal website on the internet that supports hundreds of formats to convert files to and from compatible file formats. No additional software is required to make conversions with the assistance of this Word file to pdf converter. The conversion process takes place within three simple steps. Once the conversion lets performed, your converted file will be sent to you via email. Besides that, there are no options to edit the converted PDF file, and does not include Ads.

How to change word document to PDF file with Zamzar

Step 1:

Upload or drag and drop the word file into the converter

Step 2:

After that, click on the convert button and wait to perform conversions.

Step 3:

Now your PDF files are read, make a tap on the Download button and save it


Although theonlineconverter.com seems like an ideal deal to convert one file format to another instantly. With the help of this online Word file to pdf converter, you will be allowed to change  Word documents into easy-to-share PDF files within a few seconds. The software provides you with fully-security as your uploaded and converted files are deleted automatically from the server. Since there are no restrictions or limitations to proceed with the conversions from DOCX or DOC files in the Word to PDF files. You can use this Word file to pdf converter on all operating systems including those that has a web browser.

How to Convert Word to PDF Online?

Step 1:

Upload a PDF file from the operating system, simply choose the word file to convert to a PDF file online directly,

Step 2:

Wait for uploading, once uploaded, press the “Convert” button instantly

Step 3:

Now your files are and download it


FreePDFConverter is a web-based application that is the best solution to transform word file or other file formats into PDF files. It does not matter what type of files you like to convert. With a free trial of this online Word file to PDF converter, you are enabled to turn a word file into PDF with a few clicks.  This free file converter manipulates on all operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux) that have a web browser, you need just to have an internet connection. Once you convert a document to PDF, your files are deleted from the server. If suddenly you forget to delete the files, you do not need to worry as the server deleted the files automatically after three hours, it makes sure that your information is secure. This application does not provide you with options for editing, splitting, or merging the PDF files.

How to Save word file as PDF online with FreePDFConverter:

Step 1:

All you have to make a click on the upload button and select the Word files that you desire to convert. You can also drag and drop the file into a Word file to a PDF converter

Step 2:

Click on the convert button and your converted files will be ready in less than a minute.

Step 3:

At last, save your files instantly by clicking on the download button

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