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How to Draw a Black Cat Easily

by Uneeb Khan

How to Draw a Black Cat Easily. Learn how to draw a great-looking simple black cat with easy and detailed drawing instructions, video tutorials, and Cat Coloring Pages.

Now you can easily create a beautiful Easy Black Cat theme. According to superstition, black cats obtain lousy fortune. However, anyone who owns a cat knows they make friendly and lovable pets. Bring this adorable animal into your home if you learn to draw a black cat.

You can make the whole cat once you have finished your simple cat outline. However, you can add white markings to your primary black cartoon cat to create a tuxedo cat.

Here we Start

Since individuals associate black cats with magicians, you could draw your cat with wizards, spirits, or pumpkins for a fun Halloween photo.

Using pencils, outline your simple cat, then add white highlights before filling it in. Otherwise, make the entire cat black without defining the features and turn your picture into a silhouette. If you’re utilizing color, gel pens, or Crayons, you can add white after you’ve colored the drawing.

Instructions on How to Draw A Basic Black Cat

Easy Drawing of A Cat – Step 1

Start by drawing two curved lines ending in dots like a lemon. Draw an oval in the center and a smaller oval inside this shape.

Easy Drawing of A Cat – Step 2

Repeat this process with the other eye. Make sure both eyes are symmetrical.

Easy Drawing of A Cat – Step 3

Draw two ample curves on either side of the face. Draw a triangle in the middle, then add a wide W shape at the bottom.

Easy Drawing of A Cat – Step 4

Similar to the eyes you drew in Step 1, draw two curved triangles for the ears.

Easy Drawing of A Cat – Step 5

Connect the ears, draw the whiskers and add a line to start the neck.

Easy Drawing of A Cat – Step 6

Draw a curved line going down to the right side of the body. Create a curved bottom, then draw a parallel line for the leg.

Easy Drawing of A Cat – Step 7

Start with a straight line on the left side, bend the rope down and make two hill shapes to complete the body. Draw a curve inside this shape.

Add more additional Points to the Easy Cat photo – Step 8

Draw a wavy line that looks like a curved hook for your simple black cartoon cat’s tail.

Complete The Outline of your Simple Cat Drawing – Step 9

Draw A Black Cat

Draw an expressive wavy line to complete the tail. Make sure it’s similar to the central stripe.

Color Your Simple Black Cat Drawing – Step 10

Complete your simple cat outline with a black marker or pen.

Black Cat Drawing

Once you’ve finished your simple cat outline, it’s time to fill it in. Color the entire black with white highlights to define the legs, eyes, and mouth. You can make the cat all black or add shading for realism.

Drawing Completed

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