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How To Increase Completion Rate Of Students In Your Online Course

by Uneeb Khan
How To Increase Completion Rate Of Students In Your Online Course

In recent research, we see that over online courses platform, only 85% of students manage to complete their course. Although this is a big number, we must not forget that the rest of the 15% of students never complete the course or try once again. Have you ever wondered what is causing this? Is it a voluntary decision to complete the course or an involuntary one owing to their incompetency?

Some courses are made with an online course builder and lack the aspects needed for a student to understand and complete the course with dedication. Students complete those courses that satisfy all their wants, academically and emotionally. Let’s not forget that they are all youth creative and full of ideas. To feed their innovative qualities, a course should be more than academically related.

Here are some other factors that can increase the completion rate of courses, by your students;

Success stories bring attention. More people will be interested in your course if you have enough proof to show why your course is the best. However, ensuring students of your course are doing well and will be able to promote your name in the future can be a tedious task undertaken only over a long-run period. In the meantime adding testimonials to your website or platform of choice by those currently enrolled in the program can be a possible option.

Word of mouth is your best friend. 

Word of mouth, as we know, includes present customers who are satisfied with the service you are providing and recommending your business to others to create potential leads. However, in a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, the same can be achieved by using social media platforms to create a network. Make sure to follow up on claims made during such a word-of-mouth process otherwise, they can be misleading.

Create a feeling of community:

For students to feel included in the course and to keep them coming back for more, it is important to make them an integral part of the course and give them the valuation they deserve. Building a community can also help gain using an online courses platform can also help both- teachers and learners of the course to connect better which leads to better results.

Make access to courses easier:

This is a bit of a multifaceted approach to making content easier to access in multiple ways. Firstly, all the online courses you promote should be in Clear View of the audience on whatever online courses platform you use. Links to some of the top courses can be provided individually as well. 

A second implication of the statement made beforehand is that different courses that include varied types of content should be available. It might happen that one course, say- data science works out better than another in a subject like photography. However, by capturing the target audience for data science, it is now possible to create an interest among those enrolled and the data science course the photography course.

These courses should also be available for viewing on a multitude of devices so that students who prefer using mobile phones over computers or vice versa can also benefit from your course.

Make the courses engaging:

As an online course builder, your task is to not only work on finding students who will attend your courses but also encourage them to finish the course and stay for more. However, asking someone to spend their time and money on a service you are providing means the service is worth it. 

Similarly, the course also has to be worth the time and effort your students put in. A course that isn’t engaging enough can be difficult to enjoy even if the content is good. Holding regular interactive sessions providing feedback forms and assigning time for group discussions are some of how engagement can be increased.

Provide incentives upon completion. 

Oftentimes students take up online courses so that they can use them in their resume rather than having other plans which only build upon utilizing the skill set learned. Such students can be noticed to fall behind and not finish their courses. This is why to make your online course as lucrative too as many people as possible offer certification upon completion. You can also guide them into future placement options through counseling sessions.

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