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How To Pre-Record A Live Session On Facebook

by Uneeb Khan

How To Pre-Record A Live Session On Facebook

In today’s era, where online videos have taken the world by storm and digital mediums have become an essential part of our daily lives. Advertising now includes social media. You must be an active social media user if you want to be noticed and have your voice heard. Streaming and online live sessions are also included in this race. Streaming is preferred because it allows the audience to connect on a more personal level with the creator. The audience is aware that the creator is revealing their true self during live sessions and streamings. Streamings are now so popular that people would rather do this than work in an office. There are investors who are willing to invest if you have a certain number of viewers. With this popularity, there are several features added to the streaming platforms. One of them is a pre-recorded session. This functionality is available on all social media platforms but we will talk about pre-recorded live streaming on Facebook in particular. After that, we will discuss how to live stream pre-recorded videos on Facebook using LivePush.

What Is Live Streaming

Live streaming technology, like live TV, allows you to watch, create, and share videos in real-time. All you need is an internet-capable device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and a live streaming platform. Some of the most popular live-streaming apps right now are Facebook Live, Instagram Live Stories, Twitch TV, and Tik Tok. Unlike previously recorded videos, which can be trimmed and manipulated, live streaming is real-time and uncensored. Viewers can comment and engage in real-time conversation by posting remarks that appear next to the live stream. They may even send each other on-screen gifts such as cash and heart emojis.

Pre-record Live Session on Facebook

A pre-recorded video can be published as a Live session on business pages using Facebook Premiere. Using Facebook Premiere gives you access to the benefits of streaming live, as opposed to simply publishing a video as a regular feed post.

How To Schedule Your Live Stream On Facebook

If you have already uploaded a video to Facebook, the process is quite simple. It only takes a few extra steps, which are detailed below.

Go to business.facebook.com/creatorstudio to learn more.

Access your Facebook account.

There will be a Create New option with a drop-down menu. Choose Upload Video.

Select the video that you want to schedule.

Give your video a title and a description.

Choose a thumbnail. Make it interesting so that viewers will be drawn to it.

Add appropriate tags to your video. Tags make your videos more discoverable.

You must now select the publishing option. If you don’t go to the Premier Tab, it will be posted right away.

Set a date and time for your video, as well as a placeholder image.

If you want to include additional options such as where your video will appear on Facebook, whether others can share your video, and so on. You are free to include them.

It’s as simple as clicking the Create Event Button.

Use LivePush To Stream Pre-Recorded Video On Facebook

LivePush is a video streaming platform that allows you to stream on over 40 different platforms. Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, and other platforms are among them. Apart from streaming on a single platform, LivePush also allows you to multistream on top streaming platforms. LivePush, in addition to its excellent services, offers a service for scheduling your live stream. There is a risk of error when scheduling your stream on streaming platforms such as Facebook. However, with LivePush, all of these glitches and errors are handled by the software itself. As a result, you will have a seamless streaming experience. To schedule a live stream using LivePush, you must first create an account or sign in with your existing social media accounts. To schedule a stream, you just need a Stream key which is accessible from your streaming platform. 

LivePush is a web-based application that simplifies the use of a streamer. You no longer need to download and configure any additional apps on your computer or phone. LivePush offers all of its services through its web app. All of these benefits come in a very affordable package. In fact, LivePush offers a free trial of their services.

What Livepush Offers You

Pre-recorded streaming has solved all of the problems associated with meeting deadlines. You no longer have to be concerned about critical broadcasts or bizarre timezones. Everything will be resolved in a single pre-recorded session. LivePush offers a wide range of streaming features.

  • With LivePush, you can pre-record your critical broadcast or paid content and schedule it to go live at the time of your choosing.
  • LivePush accepts all bandwidth and bit rate variations in incoming streams and forwards them to the site.
  • LivePush supports all streaming platforms, and you can now stream using an RTMP server/key pair.

Final words

Streamers’ lives have been changed by streaming previously recorded sessions. They can now concentrate on other ways to create content rather than blowing their minds in a single live stream. With all of the social media platforms, creating a schedule for live streams, we’ve covered everything there is to know about how to live stream pre-recorded video on Facebook. Furthermore, we discussed LivePush, which makes it easier for streamers to manage their scheduled live streams.

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