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How to Rent Your Property Fast? 7 Easy Steps

by Uneeb Khan
Rent Your Property Fast

So you are taking the role of a landlord. It’s not an easy feat to become a landlord, it comes with its fair share of responsibilities and challenges. Especially when you are considering becoming an independent landlord, it can become a full-time job! There are plenty of things to do like marketing the rental property, making sure you attract good tenants, tracking the down payments and monthly rentals, addressing concerns and issues about the property, and so on. 

As the prices of certain housing schemes have increased, people who cannot afford to build a house are opting to rent it. For instance, you may have a house of your own despite a boost in DHA Multan prices but you might be willing to rent a floor to tenants. Finding the right tenant that fits your criteria is hard. 

So what to do? This blog will shed insight into tips to rent your property fast as a landlord. 

How can I rent my House Fast? 

Take a look at the following tips that you must adhere to when renting your house. 

1- Compare rents 

When planning to rent your house, your first concern should be about the rent. Before renting the place, make sure you are aware of the rent in the particular area. Do your research about the trends. For instance houses in a posh area like DHA Multan will have higher rents as compared to houses in Model Town Multan. 

The reason for varying rent will depend on certain external factors, however, location is a primary concern here. Meet professional real estate agents who can guide you and highlight the trends in rent and popular areas in a city. This way you can set a realistic rental amount. 

2- Resolve property issues

You may attract a potential tenant only to lose them because of the issues in rental property. Avoid inviting tenants for open houses when you are aware of the issues. Leaking pipes, broken cabinet doors, peeled-off paint, etc all are red flags for the tenant. 

If you want to rent your house, fast, first take care of the property. Keep it in good shape after former tenants leave the place. Home repairs should not be taken lightly, therefore focus on paint and fixtures that will impact the rental amount too. 

3- List your property 

To rent a house, you need to list property in relevant places. There are two ways to go about it – first put an ad in local newspapers and secondly, you can list properties online too. Real estate online portals are a huge convenience for modern audiences. 

All you need to do is add the description of the property, its size, the year of building, and some high-quality images of house’s exterior and interior. 

This way the experts on the online portal help find the perfect match in a short duration, 

4- Invest in signboards 

Another conventional way to rent a house is to put up signboards. It’s a traditional way, and some may even be reluctant to use this methodology. But using a signboard will let people in the neighborhood become aware that a house is available for rent. 

You need to hang the signboard somewhere (on the property), where it’s most visible. People passing by can collect your contact number and contact you directly. 

5- Manage current tenants 

What if your house is already rented? In such a case you need to be aware of the lease timeline. If the contract between the two parties is about to dissolve then you need to start your hunt for the next tenant in advance. 

Or in case the tenants want to move out before the lease ends, even then you need to be fully prepared for it. Therefore marketing your house for the renting purpose is crucial. 

6- Be open and flexible 

When it comes to real estate, be open and flexible in terms of negotiation. For instance, during the pandemic people did not increase their rents. Some of the landlords even let go of a few months free of charge. In a global crisis, one should show compassion, but it shouldn’t become a habit either. 

A tenant with good history can be given flexible options for payment too. Therefore you must consider these facts into account as well to rent a property faster. 

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