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How to Use a Water Quality Analyzer

by Yasir Asif
Water Quality Analyzer

A top-rated water quality analyzer is a handy piece of equipment. You can use it to check water conditions before processing and supplying it.

Accessible technological tools can empower communities and facilitate the understanding of water quality parameters. The proposed low-cost two-parameter meter PortAqua is an example of such accessible technology.

Swimming Pool

Pool water is susceptible to a range of contaminants including windblown dirt, sand and debris from the surrounding environment, rain containing microscopic algae spores and bird droppings that may harbor disease-causing bacteria.

It is essential to test the water quality of a swimming pool on a regular basis to ensure swimmer safety and prevent the spread of infection. A water quality analyzer can give you a quick and easy way to check the pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and more.

The pH of the water should be kept between 7.2 and 7.8 to maintain good pool chemistry and avoid discoloration on the surfaces and equipment. Low levels of pH can cause concrete or painted surfaces to deteriorate.

The amount of free chlorine in a pool depends on the type of sanitizer used, with higher levels required to maintain a safe and healthy environment. The presence of combined chlorine compounds called chloramines can sting eyes and cause swimmer discomfort. Chloramines should be removed by shocking the pool water with a shock treatment.

Ice Factory

An ice factory is a large commercial facility that makes ice for a variety of uses. The plant must be designed to operate efficiently and produce enough ice for the needs of its customers, while maintaining proper water quality.

The water that is used in the ice making process is not just clean but also contains chemicals to protect the equipment from corrosion and fouling. Manufacturers of ice machines have been proactive in developing a number of technologies that can improve water quality in these units, such as automatic cleaning cycles, light indicators when the unit is due for cleaning and sensors that detect scale buildup.

The water that is used for defrosting plate icemakers must also be of high quality, as it is run through the equipment to thaw out the frozen ice. This can reduce energy consumption in these plants by about 2 tonnes per tonne of ice produced, and by using a closed circuit between defrosts the amount of waste water can be drastically reduced.

Water Treatment Plant

Water quality is affected by a variety of factors. It can become contaminated with organic and inorganic compounds, nutrients, or other pollutants, which can be harmful to human health.

Various water treatment processes are used to remove contaminants and make the water fit for different uses, such as drinking, industrial supply, irrigation, river flow maintenance, and more. These processes include sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection.

A Water Quality Analyzer is essential to measuring the physical properties of water, such as turbidity and dissolved oxygen. These measurements are vital for water treatment plants to control and manage the process.

Water Supply

Water supply is a vital element of most industrial processes. It is essential for all aspects of production, from making ice to maintaining food products.

To ensure the quality of water, a top-class analyzer is necessary to check the condition before using or selling it. This equipment is a great help for businesses that use water in any manner and for home users too.

Public water supplies are governed by various regulations to ensure safe drinking water. This includes the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), which establishes national monitoring and reporting requirements and maximum contaminant levels for 88 contaminants.

The water utility must ensure the water’s quality by testing it for microorganisms and biological or chemical contaminants before it is treated and distributed to consumers. This process involves flocculation, filtration, chlorination and fluoridation.

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