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How to Win the Amazon Buy Box?

by Uneeb Khan
Amazon Buy Box

Amazon is the prominent e-commerce marketplace in the world and offers unbelievable opportunities. In 2020, Amazon U.K. reported a total net sales of about 29 billion U.S. dollars and became the second biggest Amazon Sales rank chart.

To generate sales on Amazon without winning the Buy Box is not like shooting fish in the barrel. According to Statista, buy box hits over 82% of the purchases made on Amazon.

To get more sales from Amazon, winning the Amazon Buy Box is necessary. This article emphasizes the role of the Buy Box. برامج مراهنات

What is a buy box on Amazon?

The “Buy Box” is the box on a product page where a customer begins the purchase process by adding an item to their cart.

It’s the white box on the right side of the Amazon product detail page. بطاقة ابل باي However, not every seller is eligible to win the Buy Box.

Why does Amazon buy box matter?

Amazon has two categories of sellers, i.e., an Amazon FBA seller and a third-party seller. While third-party sellers are also known as retailers offering the same product, they’re all listed on the identical product details page. تحميل لعبة الطاولة 31

The importance of the Buy Box is that it’s the starting point for many customers when adding items to their shopping cart. To win the Buy Box, sellers strive to meet high-performance standards and deliver premium quality products.

An intelligent software tool—Asinwiser— is what you need as an Amazon. It is an impeccable solution for all your needs, including product research, competitor research, and profitability calculator.

How does a seller know if he is eligible to buy a box on Amazon?

Here’s how you can know if a seller is buy box eligible

  • Visit the “Manage Inventory” section in your Seller account.
  •  Look for “Preferences” in the right-hand corner and click on it.
  • After finding preferences, locate “Buy Box Eligible” in the dropdown menu.
  • This will ask you to add another column that states yes or no for Buy Box Eligibility on the listed products.

Note: When a seller performance issues and its seller ratings drop down to 90% in the past 30 days. Then the seller loses its Buy Box eligibility.

How can sellers win buy boxes?

Sellers’ eligibility is assessed based on factors that have been carefully determined to give customers the best shopping experience. Although, every seller has the fortune to win the Buy Box on Amazon if they have a professional account. Sellers listed as individual seller accounts are not eligible to win the Buy Box.

Sellers qualified to win the Buy Box are sellers who adhere to performance-based requirements. Sellers must keep their performance levels up to the mark to be eligible.

What needs to be done to win the Amazon buy box?

Seller’s efforts to win the Amazon buy box are similar to his efforts to appear in the top organic result. In other words, optimization is a must and is one of the factors behind the algorithm and which sellers use as an Amazon strategy.


Winning the buy box can mean the difference between making a sale and sitting on the sidelines while another merchant does. Delivering the best customer experience gives sellers the ability to raise their prices and help in maintaining good Buy Box shares.

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