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ICR OCR – A Guide to Avoid Inconvenience in Document Scanning

by Uneeb Khan

The average employee has spent about a third of his time typing or retyping material. They can use ICR OCR to scan papers instead of typing them.

Organizations may find it challenging to understand or find the difference between Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) relevant at first. However, the truth is quite the reverse; it is not difficult to comprehend the fundamentals of ICR OCR, and it is simple to identify the distinctions significant for enterprises who use document management software (DMS) and are associated with scanners or want to employ one.

The Scope of ICR OCR Today 

Both ICR OCR seems similar, yet there are several significant distinctions between the two words.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is suited for converting scanned images of text, whether printed or typewritten, into machine-readable text. Normally, an OCR system is used to transform any type of document into digital data. Businesses also use OCR to post text on websites and keep track of it.

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) software is similar to OCR but more exact. An ICR reader is a self-learning AI system that can automatically add new fonts and styles to its datasets. In addition to adding styles and fonts, it can improve the accuracy of its recognition algorithm. Overall, it is a more advanced, specialized, and thorough form of OCR.

Differences Between ICR OCR 

ICR is a variant or subset of the OCR, the main difference is;

  • OCR is often used to identify text from written documents on a computer for the purposes of classification and quick search. OCR-converted text can be copied and pasted. It does not apply to handwritten papers.
  • ICR is better suited for handwritten papers, invoices, and other typed documents with more complicated styles and typefaces that OCR cannot recognize.

Software Associations with OCR ICR software


  • Parascript FormXtra.AI
  • A2iA Mitek
  • Laedtools ICR SDK Technology


  • Omnipage Ultimate
  • Easy Screen OCR
  • Readiris
  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Textract

Data Base Management System incorporated with OCR ICR

 To save time, almost everything has become digital in the modern world. With this in mind, ICR OCR plays an important role in the development of most Document Management Software (DMS), which allows businesses to keep their offices paperless more effectively, efficiently, and securely, and to access them anytime from anywhere. Some firms use ICR OCR to their advantage.

  • Regular Scanning of Documents in Businesses 

There are many beneficial factors for scanning papers, however, there is one drawback. It is saved as PDF files that are not searchable. Having a document management system allows you to rapidly search for files or data using relevant keywords. Data may be quickly filtered using the keywords that they are seeking using ICR OCR integrated software.

  • Businesses Providing Estate Consultancy 

Most property management businesses, have their customers fill out forms by hand. Without Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), it is hard for the employees to convert manually all the handwritten data to digital data, to make it searchable. This is why ICR is effective in this industry.

Advantages and Disadvantages of OCR 

  • The highlighting benefit of OCR software is that it is cost-efficient. This affordability comes only at a cost.
  • You have fewer features to use with OCR.
  • OCR is not very friendly with handwritten documents, unable to read complex fonts.

Some businesses might opt for OCR just because of the cost, they might don’t need any advanced features.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ICR 

  • The main benefit of ICR services is that they can extract data from any handwritten document.
  • Top-end versions of ICR software are able to learn new styles and fonts, with improved accuracy.
  • It has higher prices than the OCR software, but keep in mind that it has all the features that an OCR has.

Wrapping it up 

To summarize, there is nothing more to say about any of the applications because they each have their own position in terms of usage. The ultimate objective of every firm is to keep records, make offices paperless, and have access to documents at any time and from any location. Both apps can quickly turn the data on photos into editable text that can be copied and pasted to make data searchable when needed.


  • Integrate OCR software – in case the business has to scan electronically typed documents.

Use ICR software – in case the business has to scan handwritten documents or signatures etc.

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