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iKnowMed vs Acumen 2.0—A Comparative Analysis 

by Uneeb Khan

As technology continuously improves within the medical industry, it has become easier for healthcare providers to enhance patient experiences and outcomes. Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions have greatly helped medical professionals to maintain accurate patient data and offer better treatment plans. 

The market currently has a wide range of EHR solutions to offer. Some are ideal for general medical practices while others cater to healthcare specialties. In this article, we compare two of the most popular EHR platforms currently in use: iKnowMed EHR vs Acumen 2.0. 

We will first overview both software applications individually.  

iKnowMed EHR Overview 

Developed by McKesson, iKnowMed EHR specifically benefits oncology practices. It is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) utility. It is compatible with mobiles and other handheld devices, which provides greater connectivity to users. The platform also allows integrations across multiple platforms. Furthermore, it can host interfaces with labs, pharmacies, and diagnostic devices. It has a comprehensive set of features that can assist with improved healthcare for your patients.  

iKnowMed second-generation software includes the following key features:  

Quality Cancer Care 

Healthcare facilities will have access to a library of oncology regimens. This continuously updated library also features information on drug availability and clinical outcomes. Cancer specialists can leverage this provision to ensure clinical support for their patients.  

Prescription Assistance 

The platform aids cancer healthcare facilities in prescribing medicines safely. Doctors can access evidence-based clinical guidelines and pathways using iKnowMed.  

Customize Workflows 

Since the software has oncology-centric features, users can personalize it to match their organization’s goals and outcomes. Oncologists will find it valuable in providing their patients with up-to-date treatment options. They can also integrate information about treatment costs, insurance coverage, and reimbursements.  

Regulatory Compliance  

iKnowMed helps in sharing patient information while ensuring compliance with rules and regulations. You can safely share information with other doctors and ancillary services within the oncology specialty. You can also send information, when needed, to hospitals, pharmacies, and ambulatory sites.  

iKnowMed EMR Demo 

If you are considering integrating iKnowMed with your oncology practice, we recommend scheduling an iKnowMed EHR demo. A demo helps you get a better understanding of the features and benefits a software has to offer. You can book a free demo through Software Finder.  

iKnowMed EHR Pricing 

The vendor does not offer a free version of the software. There is no free trial accessible either. For the actual pricing of iKnowMed, you can contact the vendor and request a quote.  

iKnowMed EHR Reviews 

The overall rating of iKnowMed EHR is 3.90/5 based on ease of use, value for money, functionality, and customer support. Users have indicated that the software support team helps implement and get started with the software. On the other hand, some people have mentioned that the platform crashes once on most days. 

Acumen 2.0 EMR Overview 

Acumen EHR specifically caters to nephrologists. As per the latest update, the vendor has collaborated with Epic EHR to enhance the feature range of the previous version. Hence, the new version, Acumen 2.0, provides more comprehensive nephrology-centric solutions. Following are the top Acumen 2.0 features:  

Patient Portal 

Acumen 2.0 comes with a robust patient portal aimed at enhancing patient engagement. In addition to easily communicating with patients, doctors can also access complete patient history. Prompt availability of patient information assists with better diagnoses and treatments. Using the portal, patients can also schedule appointments without hassle.  

Appointment Management 

The platform makes it simpler to manage appointments and related issues. Patients and doctors can schedule and cancel appointments without confusion. Furthermore, the software application support alerts and reminders. Therefore, whenever a patient or doctor cancels an appointment, the other receives an alert. 

Easy Billing 

Billing has always been a complicated process at medical facilities. Thanks to the billing tools provided by Acumen EHR, it is simple to perform daily billing operations. You will considerably reduce the risk of errors and eliminate several manual efforts.  

Improved Communication 

Acumen EHR not only improves communication between doctors and patients but across staff as well. A well-communicating staff significantly improved the efficiency of the facility. It also removes the need for hiring extra staff for dealing with phone calls and other contact points.  

Acumen EMR Demo 

You can schedule an Acumen EHR demo to understand how the software works and if it can benefit your practice. You can book a free demo of the software through Software Finder. A demo is an ideal way to get insights into different software features before purchasing the full version.  

Acumen 2.0 EHR Pricing 

The vendor has not provided any information regarding the price of the software. You can contact the vendor and request a quote as per your organizational needs.  

Acumen 2.0 EHR Reviews 

Most of the user reviews for Acumen EHR range from average to excellent. Users have indicated that it has helped them in creating more accurate patient records and access them quickly. Furthermore, users have found the software easy to set up. Meanwhile, some users have expressed their concern about the lack of customization and the software running slow at times.  

iKnowMed vs Acumen 2.0—The Final Verdict 

Now that we have reviewed iKnowMed and Acumen 2.0 individually, it is evident that both software applications cater to unique medical specialties. While iKnowMed is for cancer healthcare providers, Acumen 2.0 provides robust features for nephrology practices.  

Despite some common EHR features, both tools are unique in what they offer. If you want a software tool that aligns with the specific objectives of a cancer care medical facility, then you should consider iKnowMed EHR. On the other hand, if you have a nephrology practice, you are going to receive better advantages from Acumen 2.0. 

If you do not have a specialty-centric medical organization, then we recommend a demo run on each software. Both software platforms offer a wide range of features that are feasible for generalized healthcare. A demo will reveal which software’s features are more feasible for your practice.  

Hopefully, this iKnowMed vs Acumen 2.0 comparative analysis was useful in your decision-making process. Visit Software Finder to learn more about EHR solutions available in the market.  

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